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Ecuador Amazon Tours - La Selva Tour

Ecuador’s Amazon is one of the most wildlife-rich areas on Earth.

You can enjoy fantastic Amazon tours from comfortable lodges or aboard exciting Amazon cruises. Head out with skilled guides to explore this incredible forest.

This is the far western part of Amazon Rainforest. It’s where the first trickles of the Amazon River begin and where the forest presses up against the Andes. This location is linked to its incredible diversity, as the forest teems with life like a tropical Eden.

When you exit the plane, you will be greeted by sun, tropical temperature and high humidity. The amount of sun provides energy for this vast expanse of Amazonia. To give a clue to this, even the country’s name of Ecuador means equator in Spanish.

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The jewel in the crown of Ecuador’s Amazon is called the Yasuni National Park. Yasuni is the most well known protected area of Ecuadorian Amazon and contains a record-breaking number of species.

Your gateway to Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest is called Puerto Francisco de Orellana. It’s also known as El Coca. From here, you can enjoy some of the top-rated jungle lodges and river cruises.

On these Amazon tours, you will enjoy guided expeditions in wildlife-rich rainforest to see many animals and plants.

The two main protected areas of Ecuador’s Amazon are:

  • The Yasuni National Park
  • The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

These lay on either side of the Napo River. These areas are connected. And this means surrounding rainforest is home to a similar level of species. This river later merges with others to form the mighty Amazon and provides your way of entering the forest.

Sacha Lodge Amazon Tour, Canopy Walkway, Ecuador

As a rarity for the northern Amazon, you will visit the Yasuni clay lick on the guided tours mentioned below. The clay licks are where you can see different colorful parrots. You will also enjoy guided rainforest walks to spot different animals. See colorful birds, monkeys and fascinating reptiles.

Saki Monkey, Sacha Lodge Amazon Tour, Ecuador

Amazon Rainforest Tours in Ecuador

To make the most of Ecuador’s Amazon, choose a recommended expedition lodge or cruise.

We have picked Ecuador Amazon tours that provide a fantastic rainforest experience. These offer wildlife-rich rainforest, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals and professionally guided tours. You will explore the Amazon Rainforest led by knowledgeable, well trained and friendly guides.

The tours can also help with your transfers from Quito to El Coca.

Amazon Cruise or Rainforest Lodge?

One of the first considerations is to think if you would prefer an Amazon cruise or a rainforest lodge. This depends on your personality and interests.

Cruises visit different rainforest sections. This means you explore a larger area of Amazon.

They can also provide more comfort as they offer air-conditioning giving you a more hotel-like base to return to after guided jungle tours.

Rainforest lodges, however, can provide more connection to the Amazon. You can often see and hear birds and troops of monkeys crossing the rainforest above your cabin.

The walkways connecting different lodge areas are on raised walkways. This means you can also see animals simply when walking between areas. See monkeys, lizards and other wildlife from the comfort of the lodge itself.

So let’s have a look at some of the top Amazon tours in Ecuador.

The Sacha Lodge – 4 or 5-day+ Amazon Tour

Sacha Lodge - Top Jungles Lodges in Ecuador

The Sacha Lodge is surrounded by a 5,000 acre private reserve next to the Yasuni National Park.

After you arrive in Coca, you will be escorted up the Napo River. You will then board an engineless boat to be paddled across the Pilchicocha Lake to the Sacha Lodge. The lodge is found across the lake, nestled on the bank.

Even on the journey to the lodge, you will enjoy fantastic rainforest sights. See many different birds and have your first introduction to Ecuador’s Amazon.

You will explore the surrounding rainforest on professionally guided tours. Enjoy forest walks and canoe experiences to find many different monkeys, colorful birds and reptiles.

Squirrel Monkey, Sacha Lodge Amazon Tour, Ecuador

A main feature of the Sacha Lodge is the incredible canopy walkway.

The walkway is supported by three large canopy towers. These towers are then connected by a 940-foot (275-meter) long canopy bridge. And it’s suspended 94 feet (30 meters) above ground level. With your guide’s help, the walkway provides a fantastic place for you to spot birdlife and different animals.

The Sacha Lodge offers comfortable cabins and en-suite bathrooms. Your bathroom includes a hot shower and flushing toilet. And all of the cabins are then spaced between the trees in the rainforest. For your meals, you will enjoy delicious cuisine in the dining room or lakeside eating area.

See the video below for a short introduction to the Sacha Lodge.

Sacha Lodge

There is then a lodge bar to enjoy a drink in the evenings. And on at least one of your evenings, you will enjoy a BBQ by the lake. With its canopy walkway, expert guides and wildlife-rich rainforest, the Sacha Lodge is one of our favorites.

To check availability, you can message the lodge using the tour bubble below.

Sacha Lodge

The Sacha Lodge

El Coca, Ecuador

Located in a 5000 acre private ecological reserve, Sacha Lodge provides a safe and comfortable base for you and your

The Manatee Amazon Cruise – 4, 5 or 8-day Amazon Cruises

Manatee Cruise, Ecuador

Aboard the Manatee Cruise, you will travel to different Amazon areas. And you will focus on exploring the magnificent Yasuni National Park.

The Manatee Amazon Explorer offers you a luxury cruise of Ecuador’s Amazon.

Enjoy the Yasuni clay lick, canopy tower, glamping and fantastic guided rainforest walks.

For an introduction, click the video below.

Manatee Cruise

After your excursions, return to the comfort of the vessel. You have a choice of different spacious suite options. Each suite offers large windows, so you can stay connected to the rainforest. You can even see different birds while relaxing in your room. All suites then provide modern en-suite bathrooms.

You will be treated delicious cuisine in the dining room and can relax in the comfortable social areas. There is also a bar and observation deck to enjoy.

To check if your travel dates are available, you can send the Manatee Cruise a request using the button below.

La Selva Lodge – 4 or 5-day+ Amazon Tour

La Selva Suite, Ecuador

For a little luxury in Ecuador’s Amazon, we recommend La Selva Lodge.

Not only a luxury experience, La Selva Lodge is also Rainforest Alliance certified. This should give you peace of mind that you’re with a responsible operator.

Enjoy guided tours in the surrounding rainforest. Head out scouting for different monkeys. See howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, capuchins and tamarins. You will also find many parrots, toucans, orchids and more with your professional Amazon Rainforest guide.

La Selva Lodge also offers a fantastic canopy tower to look over the canopy. This is a great place to see many different birds. You will also enjoy seeing the different shades of green over the tops of the trees.

La Selva Lodge

La Selva Lodge

El Coca, Ecuador

I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing experience at Le Selva! The service, accommodations, guides, tours,

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise – 4, 5 or 8-day Amazon Cruise

Anakonda Cruise

The Anakonda is the larger sister vessel of the Manatee Cruise above.

The cruise offers the same high standard of service and guided tours. And the Anakonda Amazon Cruise offers a fantastic experience of Ecuador’s Amazon.

Your air-conditioned suite offers the perfect place to relax after your jungle expeditions. Explore the Amazon with your professional and friendly guide aboard skiff expeditions and on forest walks.

See an amazing diversity of Amazon Rainforest wildlife. Spot the curious squirrel monkeys, loud and confident howler monkeys and many different birds.

Visit the Yasuni clay lick to see colorful parrots feed from the clay. Observe the Amazon from a tall canopy tower. And enjoy cultural activities to learn about life in the jungle.

Your suite offers floor-to-ceiling windows so you can stay connected to Amazon. You can even spot parrots flying over the canopy and other wildlife from the comfort of your bed.

You will then be treated to delicious cuisine in the dining room, a drink at the bar, or relaxing with a book in the lounge. The sundeck is also a great place to enjoy rainforest scenery and admiring the constellations on crystal clear evenings.

To check availability for your dates, you can send a message to the Anakonda Cruise using the button below.

Anakonda Amazon Cruise

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise

El Coca, Ecuador

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise provides an immersive and unique experience of the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy large and comfortable beds, a

Combine the Amazon and Galapagos Islands – 11-days – The Darwin & Orellana Discovery Tour

Amazon, Andes & Galapagos

To experience Ecuador’s two most famous regions, over 11 days you can combine Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest and Galapagos Islands.

Enjoy visiting the Sacha Lodge, Scalesia Lodge and Finch Bay Hotel on the Darwin & Orellana Discovery Tour. This creates a seamless journey to make the most of your Ecuador experience.

Starting from Quito, travel to Isabela Island and the Scalesia Lodge. You will enjoy a number of guided activities to explore the largest island in the Galapagos.

You will then visit the Finch Bay Hotel as the premium accommodation option on Santa Cruz.

From here, visit a giant tortoise reserve, the Charles Darwin Research Station and enjoy a day trip aboard their exclusive yacht to a nearby island.

After your time on the Galapagos, travel to Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest to enjoy the Sacha Lodge. Head out with your naturalist guide to find many different monkeys, colorful birds and fascinating reptiles on rainforest tours.

Send your request to the Sacha Lodge who operates the tour using the tour bubble below.

And if you would like to include Ecuador’s Andes for this contrasting region, you can add 2 more nights for the 13-day Ecuador Diverse Tour.

In the Andes, you will enjoy a stay at the beautiful Hacienda Piman. And you will head out to enjoy different activities. Search for spectacled bears (one of the largest mammals in South America), visit the Condor Rehabilitation Project and enjoy cultural activities.

Ecuador Diverse Tour - Amazon & Galapagos

The Ecuador Diverse Tour

Ecuador's Amazon, Andes & Galapagos Islands

On the Ecuador Diverse Tour, explore all three of Ecuador’s most remarkable regions. Over 13 fantastic days, you will enjoy

Amazon Rainforest Tours in Ecuador

And here is our summary of top Ecuador Amazon tours.

  1. Popular
    Sacha Lodge

    The Sacha Lodge

    El Coca, Ecuador

    Located in a 5000 acre private ecological reserve, Sacha Lodge provides a safe and comfortable base for you and your

  2. La Selva Lodge

    La Selva Lodge

    El Coca, Ecuador

    I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing experience at Le Selva! The service, accommodations, guides, tours,

  3. Anakonda Amazon Cruise

    The Anakonda Amazon Cruise

    El Coca, Ecuador

    The Anakonda Amazon Cruise provides an immersive and unique experience of the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy large and comfortable beds, a

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