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Delfin I Suite

Aboard the Amazon’s top luxury Amazon cruises, enjoy high quality service and guided tours to see colorful tropical birds, flowers and numerous Amazon Rainforest monkeys. Explore the waterways with your highly trained naturalist guide, who will point out waterbirds, giant Amazon lilies and river dolphins. After your excursions, you return to your vessel to enjoy gourmet cuisine and luxurious comfort while discussing your finds and experiences.

Here we will focus on one of the best locations for an Amazon Cruise: the city of Iquitos in northern Peru. This is the largest city in the world not reachable by road and is located on a tributary of the Amazon River called the Itaya river. This western section of Amazon Rainforest has been found to contain the most abundant and diverse animals and plants, making it an ideal place to surround yourself with nature, escaping the stresses and routine of a busy life.

From Iquitos, you can choose from luxury cruises into the diverse Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, home to a fantastic assortment of the Amazon Rainforest’s animals and plants. Here you can find enigmatic toucans, pink dolphins, macaw parrots, curious sloths, and rarely sighted Jaguar.

The Delfin I Luxury Cruise

Let’s first go over the cruise in the leading photograph, the Luxury Delfin I. This cruise is potentially the epitome of personal and exclusive luxury as with only four spacious suites (two with your own private refreshing whirlpool), space aboard this floating boutique luxury hotel is at a premium.

Providing world-class hospitality and comfort as your Amazon base, enjoy panoramic terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows to watch pristine rainforest pass your room. Cabin service is provided 3-times each day to make sure you have everything to keep you comfortable.

The Deluxe Master Suites (the ones with the whirlpool) measure 360 square feet, have walls of panoramic windows, and king size bed (or separate twin beds). The Master Suites are located on the Delfin I’s second deck and feature all the same amenities, but simply lack the private whirlpool.

The observation deck is one of the Delfin I’s signatures. Here you will find a casual and elegant setting with luxury and comfort in the form of large soft sofas to enjoy a breathtaking amazon landscape. This also makes an excellent place to enjoy star gazing in one of the world’s best places to see the constellations.

Delfin I Observation Deck, Iquitos, Peru

Providing a luxurious base as the main vessel, in addition to all this comfort and fine dining you also have excellent guided excursions into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. These tours take the form of small-boat skiffs to explore the waterways, guided forest walks to spot monkeys and other wildlife, and kayaking excursions for a more silent way of seeing the animals of the Amazon Rainforest.

9 / 10 Delfin I Suite

The Delfin I

Iquitos, Peru

Offering an on-board experience second to none, the Delfin I Luxury Cruise begins in Iquitos, north Peru, and takes you

The Delfin III Cruise

Custom built for this incredible environment, the The Delfin III Cruise provides one of the most affordable luxury cruise options from Iquitos and is a top choice for those looking for single occupancy with its specific suites. There are a range of suites on offer, including the Flora and Fauna Suites, the large and comfortable Estuary Suites, and the Amazonia Suites, which is the most luxurious on the vessel

The Delfin III Cruise

Excursions aboard the The Delfin III Cruise are on forest walks or aboard skiff that head out on tours to see the Amazon Rainforest from the many narrow tributaries. Enjoy spotting some incredible wildlife before returning to the vessel for some delicious cuisine.

The Delfin III

The Delfin III

Iquitos, Peru

The Delfin III provides a luxury cruise of the Amazon River. The vessel features hardwood floors, designer furniture and is

The Luxury Delfin II Cruise

The Luxury Delfin II Amazon Cruise has 14 large guest rooms, including elegant and more spacious Master Suites and 10 luxury Suites, 4 of which can be interconnected to accommodate families. The Master Suites offer 180° panoramic windows and king sized beds with a bed spread of 100% 280-thread Peruvian cotton.

Delfin II Suite, Iquitos, Peru

The observation deck aboard the Delfin II Amazon Cruise again comes with welcoming and comfortable sofas and chairs to relax sipping on a cocktail and watching the rainforest go by.

Delfin II Master Suite, Iquitos, Peru

The excursions aboard the Delfin II Amazon Cruise mirror the Delfin I, with walking tours into the rainforest to spot different and interesting animals and plants, small-boat skiffs to see the waterways and birds, and kayaking adventures for a slower and calmer way of observing wildlife.

The Delfin II

Iquitos, Peru

The Delfin II Luxury Amazon Cruise begins near Iquitos from the small town of Nauta. You will be transported in

The Aria Amazon Cruise

Another custom designed vessel by a leading Peruvian architect, the contrasting black design of the Aria makes it one of the most vivid vessels on the Amazon.

Offering 16 luxurious suites, the Aria Amazon Cruise is focused on elegant and intimate yet spacious design. The Aria also features an outdoor jacuzzi on the upper deck, so you can still enjoy the rainforest views. Each suite includes floor-to-ceiling windows and four suites that can be interconnected for families or to be transformed into your own private lounge room. Each of the suites, with en-suite sitting areas and bathrooms, measure 23 square meters (250 square feet).

Aria Amazon Suite, Iquitos, Peru

The Aria Amazon Cruise excursions are focused on the three customized aluminum motorized launch boats, or skiffs. These small vessels seat 8 passengers and you will head out on three daily tours to see the Amazon Rainforest from the many narrow tributaries.

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The Aria Amazon Cruise

Iquitos, Peru

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Dates of Departure

One of the most important things to check is the cruise dates of departure. You can find this information on each of the Luxury Cruise pages above, but to make comparisons easier for you, so you can plan around the departure dates, we have provided departure dates for the Delfin I, Delfin II, Amazon Discovery, and the Aria Amazon Cruise (all departing from Iquitos, Peru).

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  • Aria Amazon Cruise Dates

  • The Delfin III Cruise 3 Night Dates

    The Delfin III Cruise 6 Night Dates

  • Delfin II 3 Night Cruise Dates

    Delfin II 4 Night Cruise Dates

  • Delfin I 3 Night Cruise Dates

    Delfin I 4 Night Cruise Dates


Dining Experience

Peruvian Cuisine is widely considered one of the world’s finest and the dining experiences available reflect Peru’s cultural diversity and history. And, of course, one of the more general experiences aboard Luxury Amazon Cruises is gourmet dining. The food prepared is usually a diverse menu offering regionally inspired dishes from locally sourced produce. This is then accompanied by fine wines or a selection of beverages from the cruise bar.

Food aboard the Delfin II, Iquitos, Peru

The cruises pride themselves on hiring the top guides, chefs and staff to make sure your experience of the Amazon Rainforest is one of the fondest memories you will have. We hope this article has been useful and you are looking forward to explore one of the most diverse sections of the Amazon Rainforest in luxury.

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