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Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Ecuador is the origin of the great Amazon River. This is a river that moves more water than any other on Earth.

The Amazon winds its way through the world’s largest tropical forest. The river splits apart and regroups constantly, until finally gushing into the Atlantic Ocean at the far side of South America.

Because the river splits off into tributaries and waterways, it’s a great way to get into the forest to see Amazon Rainforest animals and plants.

On Amazon cruises, you will relax in the ambiance only a tropical rainforest can provide.

For adventurous relaxation while enjoying this wonderful forest, it especially doesn’t get better than a cruise. And we have selected two of the best small-group Amazon vessels for this section of forest.

 Dolphin from the Manatee Explorer, Ecuador

From the main cruise vessel, you will explore on rainforest walks, small boats and kayaks led by some of the best guides in the Amazon.

You will be spotting incredible wildlife in one of the world’s most wildlife-rich protected areas. Then, after your adventures, you can retire to your comfortable quarters or social areas looking over photos from the day and simply enjoying Amazonia.

Yasuni National Park

The Amazon area you will explore is called the Yasuni National Park, which is often regarded as the most wildlife-rich place on Earth.

Within the Yasuni, there are a number of tributaries that flow into the Amazon River and we will explore some of these for an abundance of forest life. We will be scouting for some of the 11 different monkeys, 600 bird species, 6 different Amazon cats, and fascinating frogs and reptiles.

Dart Frog from the Manatee Explorer, Ecuador

Manatee Amazon Explorer

A great choice for tours of the rainforest is the Manatee Amazon Explorer.

Click the video below for a short introduction.

Manatee Cruise

Aboard the Manatee Amazon Cruise, you will explore the Yasuni National Park to enjoy colorful parrots at the clay licks and many different animals. Head out to find fascinating and curious monkeys, river dolphins and enjoy a tall canopy tower to spot toucans and other colorful birds.

Choose from 3 to 7 night cruise itineraries aboard the Manatee where you can enjoy various activities.

Manatee Explorer Canoeing, Ecuador

As well as rainforest walks, motorized canoe tours, kayaking, and night expeditions, we will explore a fantastic canopy tower. The tower reaches 50-meters into the trees and provides great views over the canopy. We will be trying to spot colorful toucans and parrots, nesting birds and different monkeys.

The parrot clay lick is one of the favorites.

We will enjoy many colorful parrots and parakeets visiting these specific areas of clay, which the birds visit to top up their salts and detoxify unripe fruits and seeds. This provides opportunities to watch the birds and to take fantastic photographs.

Manatee Explorer Suite, Ecuador

Aboard the cruise vessel itself, you can find 14 comfortable and modern double-twin and single-twin cabins. These offer air conditioning, a comfortable bed and a private bathroom complete with a massage shower. Your suites feature hot and cold water, 24-hour electricity and 110-voltage outlets and switches. The vessel provides a comfortable base to relax after your daily activities exploring the Amazon.

To check availability for your travel dates, you can send the cruise a request using the button below.

Includes: all meals, accommodation, guided tours, transfers from and to Coca airport, private assistance at Quito airport. | 4, 5, 8 days

Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Anakonda Cruise

Offering a slightly larger cruise on the Amazon River, the Anakonda Amazon Cruise is the only other luxury cruise in Ecuador.

This is the sister vessel to the Manatee.

The cruise has been meticulously designed to provide a high quality Amazon River experience. Enjoy large panoramic windows fitted throughout the vessel, attractive and spacious cabins with private balconies, a Jacuzzi and very comfortable beds.

You can also relax in the social areas like the al fresco lounge, solarium and outdoor Jacuzzi, which are great places to retire after your explorations into the Amazon Rainforest.

Anakonda Cruise Lounge, Ecuador

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise dining experience involves the cruise’s exquisite dining room with fantastic views of the rainforest. You will enjoy delicious Ecuadorian cuisine as well as international favorites.

Rainforest activities aboard the Anakonda Amazon Cruise mirror the Manatee. We will scout this incredible forest looking for abundant wildlife, such as monkeys, colorful toucans, relaxed-looking reptiles and playful river dolphins.

We will visit the parrot and parakeet clay lick to see colorful displays, the 50-metre canopy tower to see far over the canopy, and explore the waterways on motorized canoes and kayaks. When you return, you can relax in your suite, the social areas aboard the Anakonda Amazon Cruise or choose from the different treatments in the onboard spa.

Anakonda Cruise Lounge, Ecuador

An extra activity offered on both the Manatee Explorer and Anakonda Amazon Cruise is Glamping.

Never heard of it? Think of it like camping for people who don’t like camping. That is to say camping with more glamour.

For a night of your choosing, the cruises will set up a very comfortable campsite for you in a romantic and interesting section of forest. The cruise will also bring you all your meals so you don’t miss out on service. As this is an additional activity, there is an additional charge but if you want a little more adventure, glamping is a great experience.

To add the glamour element, the cruises use state-of-the-art deluxe tents on a wooden raised base, provide gourmet meals, champagne and hot showers.

View from the Canopy Tower, Ecuador

Both of these cruises are operated with a responsible approach to tourism and an understanding that the vessels exist in one of Earth’s most precious and fragile environments. The cruises involve locals in their operations and return the benefits of tourism to local communities.

Both vessels were designed to cause the least impact possible on the surrounding environment. Particular attention was paid to areas such as waste management. The cruises are environmentally responsible and certified by both Rainforest Alliance and Smart Voyager.

Includes: all meals, accommodation, guided tours, transfers from and to Coca airport, private assistance at Quito airport. | 4, 5, 8 days

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