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Tambopata Amazon Tours

Here is a guide to tour prices for Amazon Rainforest tours.

We will also mention what usually accounts for the a differences, what you get for your money, and what to look at for different budgets.

We will break the article down to cover the different types of tours on offer in the Amazon. But keep in mind the main factors that determine a tour’s price. These include:

  • Fuel used to get to the lodge or on tour (this helps explain why cruises usually cost more than rainforest lodges)
  • Exclusivity, such as a private guide or a small-group cruise or tour
  • Quality of accommodation
  • Quality of service
  • Guide ability
  • The wildlife you’re likely to see

Another factor to consider is the length of time you wish to visit. If you’re planning on short tours of 2 or 3 days, make sure you pick an area of fantastic diversity close to a gateway town or city. This means you don’t waste time traveling to and from the lodge. Remember that the day-to-day price decreases the longer you choose to stay.

To maximize your experience, no matter which budget you’re looking for, focus your attention on tours in an area of fantastic diversity. This means an area of Amazon forest that hasn’t been damaged by human activity. The general rule is that forest very close to cities and towns has often been damaged and disturbed. The wildlife has left the area many years ago, but there are exceptions. We will cover these later.

We will go over some of the considerations for Amazon tour prices. And we will suggest three of the top tours for each to give you examples of:

Budget tours

If you’re interested in a more budget conscious Amazon tour, make sure you choose an area of high biodiversity close to an Amazon gateway town. One of the best gateways for a budget tour is the Amazon town of Puerto Maldonado in the Peruvian Amazon. This is just a short flight south of Cusco and is easily accessible from Lima.

Puerto Maldonado is a great place because the protected area of Tambopata National Reserve is so close to town. You can be in the reserve in a little over 20 minutes, which means you don’t waste time traveling to and from your lodge of choice

Posada Amazonas Lodge - Amazon Rainforest Tour Prices

The Tambopata National Reserve is part of the world’s largest tract of protected tropical forest. And it protects an exceptional diversity of animals and plants. This section of Amazonia contains more clay licks than anywhere else. These fantastic areas offer almost guaranteed wildlife sightings. Here is our recommended selection of budget Amazon tours:

  1. The Posada Amazonas Lodge

    The Posada Amazonas Lodge is a community owned lodge in the Tambopata Rainforest of southern Peru. The Posada Amazonas provides a fantastic Amazon guided tour and comfortable rainforest accommodation accessible from the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado.

    Enjoy guided tours in the surrounding rainforest to see many different animals, such as colorful birds and a range of rainforest monkeys. The monkeys you’re likely to see include howler monkeys, titi monkeys, tamarins, and capuchins. This is one of the best places to spot endangered giant river otters, which live in the lake.

    The Posada Amazonas has a fantastic canopy tower where you can enjoy spotting different birds, such as toucans and parrots, and may even see monkeys moving their way through the forest.

    From the Posada Amazonas, you can also enjoy a massage in the Posada’s spa area, enjoy night walks scouting for nocturnal animals, dedicated birdwatching, and take part in different cultural activities.

  2. The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    The Refugio Amazonas Lodge is a great choice for a slightly deeper experience in the Amazon Rainforest than the other two mentioned here. In addition to wildlife and culture, you can also explore citizen science projects, such as aerobotany.

    As a bonus, the Refugio Amazonas has a large spa area so you can enjoy a massage or spa treatment surrounded by Amazon Rainforest. This makes it a great choice for families as well, as children also have their own children’s trail around the lodge to communicate information in fun and interesting ways for kids.

    Click the video below for an introduction.

    Refugio Amazonas

    Enjoy guided tours in the rainforest to spot a range of rainforest wildlife, such as several different monkeys, colorful birds, amphibians, and interesting reptiles. Recently, guests have enjoyed seeing harpy eagles around the lodge as our guides have found some favorite nesting sites.

    You can also enjoy the canopy tower to spot different toucans, parrots, parakeets, and monkeys. This is also just a great way to gaze over the wonderful shades of green of the wildlife-rich Amazonian canopy.

    The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    The best end to a fantastic intrepid trip in Peru…!! Wish we had of spent more time there… Staff were

  3. The Sandoval Lake Lodge

    Lake Sandoval is one of the Amazon Rainforest’s most beautiful oxbow lakes and is home to an incredible amount of wildlife. The lake formed when a winding tributary of the Amazon River changed direction, which left behind this fantastic oxbow lake that attracts a richness of rainforest animals.

    On tours from Sandoval Lake Lodge Enjoy seeing many different monkeys as they visit the lake in early morning to feed on different fruits, shoots, and flowers. The monkeys you’re likely to see include capuchins, squirrel monkeys, titi monkeys, howler monkeys, and saki monkeys. This is one of the best short Amazon tours to see the most monkeys in the Amazon.

    The stars of the Sandoval Lake Lodge are the giant river otters, which can often be seen playing and hunting at the lake edges. You will also enjoy night spotting for black caiman and seeing splashes of the giant Arapaima fish.

    Placeholder Image

    The Sandoval Lake Lodge

    Puerto Maldonado, Peru

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Luxury Amazon Tours

Luxury tours treat you to the most comfortable way to experience the Amazon.

You will be treated to impeccable service, gourmet food, fine wine, and fantastic wildlife. Because all aspects of the experience are maximized, luxury level Amazon tours represent the high-end side of the scale.

For a luxury rainforest experience, again it’s important to choose an area rich in wildlife. It’s often better to focus on protected areas. Some of the best places for a luxury tour are the flooded Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peru and the world-renowned Yasuni National Park in Ecuador.

We will provide three recommended luxury experience for these areas below. For a little more information, you can also see our dedicated guide to luxury Amazon tours.

Delfin Cruises

  1. The Delfin I Cruise

    The Delfin I is a highly exclusive Amazon cruise into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve from Iquitos, Peru. The vessel was designed with only 4 over-sized suites to provide maximum space and comfort for guests. Enjoy exquisitely comfortable suites, gourmet food, fine wine and some of the best guides in the Amazon Rainforest. Two of the suites feature a private cold-water whirlpool.

    Enjoy world-class hospitality and personalized, attentive service. The vessel features private terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows to allow the Amazon to decorate your suite.

    To keep you comfortable, you will be treated to 3-times-daily cabin service to make sure you have everything you want on your adventure.

    Delfin I - Amazon Rainforest Tour Prices

    For relaxing in Amazonia, the observation deck features very comfortable, soft couches to enjoy stargazing. This is also a perfect place to watch the Amazon Rainforest in the fresh air. The vessel also features a bar and entertainment center. And these are perfect places to relax after your daily guided-wildlife tour and skiff-excursions.

    9 / 10 Delfin I Suite

    The Delfin I

    Iquitos, Peru

    Offering an on-board experience second to none, the Delfin I Luxury Cruise begins in Iquitos, north Peru, and takes you

  2. The Delfin II Cruise

    The Delfin II is the sister ship of the Delfin I and begins from Iquitos in northern Peru.

    The Delfin II provides more suites, but offers an equally high standard of service. The suites are not oversized like the Delfin I. But each one features very comfortable amenities.

    Enjoy high quality Peruvian linen, large comfortable beds and organic toiletries. You will then have large 180° panoramic windows to keep connected to the forest. Enjoy laying on your comfortable bed looking over Amazonia as you travel deep into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

    Each day you will head out into the rainforest to find some iconic inhabitants of Amazonia. Find several different monkeys, toucans, parrots, capybara, and hopefully some rarer wildlife. The monkeys you’re likely to see include howler monkeys, titi monkeys, squirrel monkeys, sakis, tamarins, and marmosets. You will also be looking to the trees to spot the many sloths that enjoy resting in the canopy.

    The dining room on the upper deck is sure to become a favorite place where you will be served delicious food. Enjoy Peruvian and international favorites. The different juices and delicious desserts are flavored with fruits from the surrounding rainforest.

    The Delfin II

    Iquitos, Peru

    The Delfin II Luxury Amazon Cruise begins near Iquitos from the small town of Nauta. You will be transported in

  3. La Selva Lodge

    For a luxurious lodge-based experience, we recommend La Selva Lodge. This sits in the rainforest surrounding Yasuni National Park.

    You can enjoy some incredible views from the canopy tower. And even the dining room and bar overlook some spectacular sections of forest.

    Enjoy guided tours in the rainforest to spot many colorful birds. See parrots at the small clay licks, macaws flying overhead and toucans perched on the branches.

    Look up to the trees to catch sight of two species of sloth often found here. While walking through the jungle, your friendly guide will be on the lookout for a diversity of monkeys. The species to see include howler monkeys, woolly monkeys and possibly some spiders monkeys. The smaller monkeys will also be seen making their way through the forest. These include the squirrel monkeys, different tamarins and the much-loved marmosets.

    La Selva Lodge

    Enjoy exploring this incredible section of Amazonia by canoe and by foot around many trails. The trails have been carefully positioned to maximize wildlife sightings . They also show off some particular feature of the Amazon. The fantastic La Selva Lodge consistently wins prizes in tourism and sustainable tourism for its fantastic experience.

    The lodge itself at the edge of Lake Garzacocha and the accommodation was based on traditional bamboo housing. Enjoy very comfortable suites, excellent wildlife and delicious food. You can then relax at the in-house spa for massages or spa treatments to maximize your enjoyment in this incredible ecosystem.

    La Selva Lodge

    La Selva Lodge

    El Coca, Ecuador

    I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing experience at Le Selva! The service, accommodations, guides, tours,

Lodge-Based Amazon Tours

Lodge-based tours are often a lower cost than cruise-based experiences. This is because less fuel is used on tour, which is often the highest cost for Amazon tour operators.

This also explain why deeper Amazon tours are often a higher cost than lodges closer to a gateway town. But we will cover this a little later.

Pink Dolphin - Amazon Rainforest Tour Prices

A lodge-based experience allows you a more intimate experience with the rainforest. And it means you can spend more time exploring a specific area. The advantage of this is that the guides have usually spent years exploring the area for the best spots to see different animals and plants. This is if you choose one of the higher quality lodges.

These lodges are often positioned after years exploring the Amazon to find the best sites. And this is why the best lodges are often near areas for almost guaranteed wildlife sightings. Usually, they are near protected areas, clay licks, or at the edge of wildlife-filled Amazonian lakes.

We will suggest three of our recommended lodge-based experiences to see fantastic wildlife. These will be suited to different budgets and time frames. Each of these lodges has its own fantastic feature for exploring the forest, such as a canopy zipline, tall canopy tower, or a canopy swing bridge.

  1. The Tambopata Research Center

    The Tambopata Research Center is one of the deepest rainforest lodges in Amazonia. The lodge offers a different levels of comfort from their Superior Suites to their luxurious Deluxe Suites. These even offer an outside lounge, seating area and outside bath.

    For a little introduction, click the video below.

    Tambopata Research Center

    Nestled in the middle of the wildlife-rich Tambopata National Reserve, see many animals. Have a 20% chance of spotting wild jaguar, see different monkeys and visit one of the largest clay licks in Amazonia.

    Led by skilled guides, you will be shown some of the best areas of Tambopata. In addition to incredible wildlife, you will also be shown some beautiful Amazonian scenery.

    The main attraction at the lodge is the clay lick. This is where hundreds of large and colorful macaw parrots feed from the salt-rich clay. The area offers guests some fantastic viewing and photography opportunities.

    On the many trail walks, your guide will help you find different monkeys. You can even spot spider monkeys, which are the largest monkey in Amazonia and symbols of a healthy ecosystem. In addition, see howler monkeys, tamarins, marmosets, squirrel monkeys and capuchins.

    To check availability with the lodge for your dates and to see suite options, click the tour bubble below.

  2. The Tahuayo Lodge

    The Tahuayo Lodge consistently ranks as one of the best experiences in the Amazon Rainforest.

    Over the recommended 8 days, you will enjoy a stay at two different lodges. Experience both the main Tahuayo Lodge and the Tahuayo Amazon Research Center.

    Enjoy a privately guided tour with a custom itinerary. This means you can focus on your interests. Choose to focus on photography, birding, canoeing or hiking. You can also simply choose wildlife watching or a more general experience of the Amazon Rainforest. This is one of the best priced Amazon tours for what’s offered. This is considering that it’s private guided, provides two deep Amazon lodges and is in an area of incredible wildlife.

    The Tahuayo Lodge is also home to the longest canopy zipline system in the Amazon Rainforest. The zipline has been enjoyed by children right through to their grandparents. In addition to this, the Tahuayo Lodge provides excellent rainforest camping experiences.

    Behind the research center, you can then enjoy the 1000 acre primate research grid. This is a fantastic place to find several different monkeys. See capuchins, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tamarins, marmosets and saki monkeys.

    A few lucky visitors get to see the rare red uakari monkeys. These were a reason for the foundation of the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve. Enjoy professionally guided exploration to find many of the Amazon’s best wildlife experiences.

    To check availability for your dates, send the lodge a request using the tour bubble below.

  3. The Sacha Lodge

    The Sacha Lodge sits in the Amazon Rainforest near the Yasuni National Park. And lodge provides a fantastic wildlife experience. Enjoy the lodge’s massive canopy walkway, which really has to be seen to be believed.

    Click the video below for an introduction.

    Sacha Lodge

    The walkway at the Sacha Lodge stands around 94 feet (30 meters) from ground level. And this stretches 940-foot (275-meter) through the rainforest. Combined with this incredible structure and the Sacha Lodge’s fantastic Amazon guides, this is one of our favorites. These fantastic viewing areas mean the birds you can see on a Sacha Lodge tour are incredible.

    Enjoy guided walks through the rainforest to see a range of wildlife. This includes the parrots at the Yasuni clay lick, troops of monkeys making their way through the forest, and fascinating reptiles. Around 60 different species of mammal are found within this reserve.

    Sacha Lodge

    The Sacha Lodge

    El Coca, Ecuador

    Located in a 5000 acre private ecological reserve, Sacha Lodge provides a safe and comfortable base for you and your

Cruise-Based Amazon Tours

Although a cruise-based Amazon tour is often a higher price, there are advantages to cruising the Amazon’s waters.

From a cruise, you will visit different areas of the Amazon. And you will have an opportunity to see places that vary in wildlife communities and scenery.

Delfin II - Amazon Rainforest Tour Prices

Cruises also keep you comfortable and separated from the rainforest. The luxury cruises especially offer a more hotel-like environment. This also means minimal mosquitoes and creepy crawlies. Many cruises are equipped with air-conditioning to keep you comfortable when you’re back aboard. They also often have better facilities for preparing higher quality cuisine.

  1. The Delfin II Cruise

    The Delfin II River Cruise provides a fantastic and very comfortable cruise into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. This is accessed from Iquitos in northern Peru.

    The Delfin II offers 14 guest suites. These include four at the front of the vessel with 180° panoramic windows. The other suites are fitted with movie screen sized windows, very comfortable beds and high quality linen. You will then have organic toiletries and some special touches to create a very luxurious experience.

    To keep you comfortable, the Delfin II then offers an observation deck, lounge, bar, entertainment center and library. The dining room is where you will enjoy delicious meals with many dishes influenced by your rainforest surroundings. The table decorations will change for each meal to add a new ambience to each dining experience.

    On the upper level, the observation deck is fitted with big, soft sofas. And the bar is nearby, so you can relax in the Amazon’s fresh air and a cocktail. This provides a fantastic way to relax after your rainforest expeditions.

    Enjoy guided expeditions to see incredible wildlife. Find different monkeys, colorful birds and delicate tree frogs. The Pacaya Samiria is one of Peru’s most wildlife-filled protected areas and you’re sure to have some memorable experiences.

    The Delfin II

    Iquitos, Peru

    The Delfin II Luxury Amazon Cruise begins near Iquitos from the small town of Nauta. You will be transported in

  2. The Tucano Amazon Cruise

    The Tucano Cruise is a fantastic cruise from the Amazon city of Manaus in northern Brazil. The Tucano Amazon Cruise was recognized by National Geographic as offering one of the Amazon’s best experiences. And the Tucano takes visitors on a cruise down the Rio Negro and deep into Amazonia.

    Enjoy spotting different animals, see beautiful plants and learn about local communities. Head into the Anavilhanas Reserve to see many different birds with hundreds to spot on tour.

    Manaus is the largest city in the Amazon Rainforest and is where many visitors choose to experience Amazonia. The Tucano continues to rank as one of the best cruises from the city for a fantastic adventure.

    Like the other cruises mentioned on this page, the Tucano Cruise is an expedition cruise. This means you won’t simply stay aboard the main vessel, but will head into the forest on guided walks and skiff expeditions. This helps to maximize wildlife encounters and provides you a more adventurous cruise.

  3. The Delfin III Cruise

    The Delfin III Cruise - Top 10 Luxury Amazon Tours

    From Iquitos, Peru, the Delfin III offers a luxury Amazon River cruise and is the sister vessel of the Delfin II.

    Enjoy hardwood floors, designer furniture and handmade Peruvian artifacts decorating the vessel. There are four classes of room to choose from. These provide your choice of comfort and space on your adventure. On the lower deck, there are 8 Suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and two spacious Corner Suites at the front of the vessel. The upper deck features 10 Upper Suites and one very large Owner’s Suite.

    The top deck then offers an indoor and outdoor lounge, a sundeck with plunge pool, a spa, gym and the bar. While aboard, enjoy the finest linens, soft robes, slippers and all natural therapeutic toiletries. There are even telescopes for star-gazing.

    The Delfin III Cruise - Top 10 Luxury Amazon Tours

    The vessel also includes a spa area for massages and a range of spa treatments. To keep connected to the scenery, there is a large window to continue enjoying the surrounding rainforest.

    You will then enjoy guided tours through the rainforest to find many fantastic animals and plants. Enjoy spotting several different monkeys, toucans, parrots and many other animals. You will also head out at night to find a completely different diversity of species.

  4. The Delfin III

    The Delfin III

    Iquitos, Peru

    The Delfin III provides a luxury cruise of the Amazon River. The vessel features hardwood floors, designer furniture and is

Deep Amazon Tours

Aside from luxury lodges, the other major factor to determine the differences in price for Amazon tours is how deep they are in the rainforest.

The deeper in the rainforest the tours are, the more fuel is required to transport visitors there and back. But what you get for this money is often more wildlife and more pristine rainforest.

Wildlife deep in the rainforest is at carrying capacity as human impacts haven’t had a detrimental effect on the ecosystem.

Chuncho Clay Lick - Amazon Rainforest Tour Prices

If you’re interested in maximizing wildlife sightings, we recommend the deep Amazon Rainforest lodges. These are often positioned near areas for fantastic wildlife sightings. High wildlife areas include clay licks. The presence of clay licks means almost guaranteed sightings of many colorful parrots. And you even have a higher chance of spotting jaguar and other rare wildlife that wait for prey.

The following deep Amazon lodges have been chosen as they offer the highest chances for seeing a range of wildlife. Spot some of the icons of the Amazon Rainforest, such as macaws, jaguar, and some of the largest primates.

  1. The Tahuayo Lodge

    As another of the Amazon Rainforest deepest experiences, the Tahuayo Lodge offers a fantastic Amazon tour.

    You will explore the wildlife-rich Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve. And you will travel deep into the Amazon 150 km from Iquitos in northern Peru.

    For an introduction, click the video below.

    Tahuayo Lodge

    The lodge in Rainforest Alliance certified providing a good example of ecotourism. You will also be assigned a private guide and enjoy a custom itinerary. On tours of 6-days or more, you can experience both the main Tahuayo Lodge and the Tahuayo River Amazon Research Center. This is located in even more pristine rainforest.

    Explore the reserve to find several different monkeys and many colorful birds. Guests can also see pink river dolphins, giant river otters and a diversity of plants and animals.

    To check availability for your dates, send the lodge a request using the tour bubble below.

  2. The Tambopata Research Center

    The Tambopata Research Center is in the middle of the incredible Tambopata National Reserve.

    Enjoy the nearby macaw clay lick where you can see hundreds of brightly colored macaw parrots. These are often regarded as the icons of this fantastic forest. Because of its proximity to the lick, the Tambopata Research Center is also engaged in active research. The lodge is in association with a number of universities studying the macaws.

    The Tambopata National Reserve is part of the world’s largest area of continuous protected tropical forest. And it is home to fantastic animals and plants.

    In addition to the clay lick, enjoy guided tours through the surrounding rainforest. Spot several different monkeys, including howler monkeys, tamarins, marmosets, squirrel monkeys and capuchins. You can also find spider monkeys, which are the largest monkey in the Amazon and symbols of healthy forest. The birdlife here is fantastic. And you’re sure to see hundreds of different species, including parakeets, tanagers, macaws and aracari toucans.

  3. The Sacha Lodge

    Saki Monkey, Sacha Lodge Amazon Tour, Ecuador

    The Sacha Lodge sits on the bank of the wildlife-rich Pilchicocha Lake in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

    Enjoy guided tours in the 5,000 acre private reserve for find many Amazon animals. See a diversity of primates, rainforest reptiles and giant rainforest trees.

    You can then find an abundance of birds. In fact, 587 species have been recorded from the lodge, which is 37% of of all the birdlife in Ecuador. This makes it an excellent choice for wildlife.

    There are different facilities for wildlife observation. The main feature is the 940-foot (275-meter) long canopy walkway. At 94 feet (30 meters) above ground level, this offers

    To check availability for your travel dates, you can send the lodge a request using the tour bubble below.

    Sacha Lodge

    The Sacha Lodge

    El Coca, Ecuador

    Located in a 5000 acre private ecological reserve, Sacha Lodge provides a safe and comfortable base for you and your

Short Amazon Tours

Ideal tours for a few days in the rainforest mirror the best tours for budget experiences. A lodge in a wildlife-rich section of forest close to a gateway town is the preference. This means it doesn’t take long to reach the lodge and so you have more time to spend in the Amazon.

Because it doesn’t take a long time to reach the lodge, operators spend less money on fuel. This saves you money and mean these lodges can also be the best places for a budget experience. That is of course unless you choose to treat yourself at a luxurious and exclusive lodge, such as the Amazon Villa.

Saddleback Tamarins - Amazon Rainforest Tour Prices

A great place to enjoy tours for a few days in the Amazon is Puerto Maldonado in Peru as the Tambopata National Reserve is so close to the town.

A favorite lodge for a short experience of 3-days, and a top pick for visitors wanting an Amazon add-on for Machu Picchu is the Posada Amazonas.

  1. Posada Amazonas

    This is a fantastic community owned lodge in southern Peru. The Posada Amazonas Lodge provides a great experience of the Tambopata region of Amazon Rainforest.

    Enjoy lake tours to see resident giant river otters and climb the canopy tower for a birds-eye view of the forest. From this height, see parrots, parakeets, tanagers, and toucans flying high over the Amazon. You may even spot some monkeys moving through the canopy.

    Enjoy guided tours in the surrounding rainforest to spot many different animals. These include several different monkeys, colorful birds, amphibians and reptiles. You will also visit a small clay lick often visited by parakeets and small parrots.

    The lodge provides a range of comfortable suites. You can also choose from a range of rainforest activities. These include visiting a large macaw claylick and relaxing at the lodge with a massage in the small spa room.

  2. Sandoval Lake Lodge

    The Sandoval Lake Lodge is nestled on the Lago Sandoval, a fantastic wildlife-rich lake, and one of the most beautiful in the Amazon Rainforest. The lake is home to a family of giant river otters, which you can see on tour. Each morning you will be paddled around the lake on a small raft-like catamaran to enjoy spotting the wildlife.

    You won’t just see the giant river otters, but will also see prehistoric-looking hoatzin birds, colorful herons and parrots at the lake edges. Spot toucans dueling in the branches and several different monkeys in the surrounding forest. The monkeys visit the lake to feed on different fruits and shoots and you can find a variety of species. The animals you’re likely to spot at Sandoval include squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, capuchins, marmosets and tamarins.

    Placeholder Image

    The Sandoval Lake Lodge

    Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    Currently, TourTheTropics.com cannot help you book this experience. However, you can visit the tour operator's website for more information.

  3. The Amazon Villa

    The Amazon Villa provides a luxurious experience in the Tambopata rainforest. You will enjoy your own exclusive villa in Amazonia. The villa offers WiFi connectivity and a relaxing hot-water bath in your own private lodge.

    The private service begins at the airport where you will be collected in private shuttle. You will then be transported to the Amazon Villa. And the personalized attentive service doesn’t end until your return.

    The lodge is located near the Refugio Amazonas Lodge at the buffer zone of Tambopata National Reserve. You are more than welcome to join Refugio guests for dinner if you choose. Alternatively, you can enjoy romantic dinners for two at the villa with your own personal service.

    Choose to simply relax in your own private lodge or pick from a range of activities. These include guided trail walks to find different monkeys, toucans, parrots, reptiles and colorful frogs. The monkeys you’re likely to see include squirrel monkeys, marmosets, tamarins, capuchins and howler monkeys. The area is also a favorite nesting site of the famous harpy eagles, so make sure you ask if any eagles have been seen recently.

    Amazon Villa Suite

    The Amazon Villa

    Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    Explore the Amazon Rainforest in comfort on a premium experience at the Tambopata Amazon Villa. The Amazon Villa is a

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