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Howler Monkeys - Puerto Maldonado

There are some fantastic Puerto Maldonado jungle lodges.

The region is home to some of the most diverse and wildlife-rich Amazon areas.

Located near to Puerto Maldonado, you can find Tambopata National Reserve. This is an incredible rainforest region. Even en-route to your lodge, you will see different animals and hear the orchestra of colorful birds.

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This section of the Amazon Rainforest has the most clay licks in Amazonia. These are places where macaws, monkeys and capybara visit for much-needed salts. They also use the clay as medicine to neutralize toxins found in their rainforest diet.

This means tour operators can build their lodges near the licks in a responsible manner. And the licks offer you almost guaranteed wildlife sightings. This section of the of the rainforest is also a great place to find many different oxbow lakes. A favorite is Lake Tres Chimbadas near the community-owned Posada Amazonas Lodge.

And here are the top recommended rainforest lodges from Puerto Maldonado.

  1. The Tambopata Research Center

    Jaguar - Tambopata Research Center - Puerto Maldonado Jungle Lodges

    This is one of the deepest jungle lodges in the Amazon Rainforest.

    And it’s one of the top rainforest lodges for wildlife. The Tambopata Research Center is also near one of Amazonia’s largest clay licks. This is where you can see hundreds of bright and colorful macaw parrots gather at the clay.

    The parrots are one of the main attractions at the Tambopata Research Center. Researchers even use the lodge to study macaw behavior and ecology. And this means you can enjoy talks and chatting with people studying the birds. This is a great way to learn more about these wonderful parrots. You can also choose from extra activities, such as birdwatching, night walks and a sunset cruise.

    As well as parrots, this is fantastic lodge to seeing many different monkeys and even jaguar. You can then find giant Brazil nut trees and an incredible diversity of Amazon wildlife.

    Click the short video below for an introduction to the Tambopata Research Center.

    Tambopata Research Center

    Because the lodge is deep in the reserve, the animals are at carrying capacity for the environment.

    This means you will find one of the richest areas for wildlife. The lodge is also near a diversity of habitats. Explore terra firma, bamboo, floodplain, palm and riverine rainforest.

    Enjoy small-group guided tours in the Tambopata National Reserve. And you will see many different monkeys, parrots, toucans, many colorful birds and mammals.

    About 20% of guests to the Tambopata Research Center are even lucky enough to see jaguar sunning themselves by the river.

    The rooms at the Tambopata Research Center are styled to keep you connected with the rainforest. These open onto the rainforest and guests can often see wildlife from the comfort of their accommodation.

    Choose from different suite options. These include the Standard Rooms, Comfort Suites and the Deluxe Suites. The Deluxe Suites are the premium option. And they offer a private terrace, an outdoor tub, and an outdoor lounge for your luxurious Amazon adventure.

  2. The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    Harpy Eagle - Puerto Maldonado Jungle Lodges

    This is a great lodge for an introduction to the Amazon Rainforest. And it’s perfect for family Amazon adventures. The Refugio Amazonas Lodge sits in the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve.

    Note that the Posada Amazonas Lodge (see below) and Refugio Amazonas Lodge are often offered interchangeably. This is because they offer a similar experience. However, the Posada Amazonas offers a few more cultural experiences. And because the Refugio Amazonas is deeper in the rainforest, the Refugio offers a bit more wildlife.

    From the Refugio Amazonas, enjoy a canopy tower to see out over the Amazon Rainforest. This is a great place to see different colorful birds. Spot mixed species flocks, toucans and parrots. Sometimes, you can also see troops of monkeys making their way through the canopy.

    To learn more, click the short video below.

    Refugio Amazonas

    Explore the Amazon Rainforest on guided trail walks through the jungle. Spot several different monkeys. The species to find include capuchins, squirrel monkeys, tamarins, marmosets and howler monkeys. This is also a good place to see iconic harpy eagles as surrounding ironwoods provide a preferred nesting area.

    There is also a small clay lick to see different parrots and monkeys visiting the clay.

    The Refugio Amazonas Lodge is also one of the only Amazon lodges with a trail designed specifically for children. This helps engage young children and teach them about the Amazon in a relatable way. You can also enjoy the Refugio’s spa room. This is a great place for a massage or spa treatment to relax surrounded by rainforest.

    The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    The best end to a fantastic intrepid trip in Peru…!! Wish we had of spent more time there… Staff were

  3. The Posada Amazonas Lodge

    Giant Otters - Puerto Maldonado Jungle Lodges

    This is a fantastic community owned Amazon Rainforest lodge. And it’s only 45 minutes from Puerto Maldonado. This means it’s a great option for a 3-day Amazon tour.

    The Posada Amazonas Lodge provides a comfortable experience of the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy guided trail walks, visiting an Amazon lake and views from the canopy tower.

    The lake near the Posada Amazonas Lodge is a good place to spot the resident giant river otters. You can also see lake-living birds and different monkeys that visit the lake edges. You will be paddled around by your guide to see the different animals.

    On guided trail walks, enjoy spotting a diversity of animals. The monkeys to find include howler monkeys, tamarins and squirrel monkeys. You will also find many other animals as you explore their rainforest home.

    For some more information, you can see the short video below.

    Posada Amazonas

    You can see a small clay lick, which is a great place to see different parrots and parakeets. There is also piranha fishing and jungle mountain biking. And you can head out on night walks to see night-active wildlife.

    You have a choice of different rooms at the Posada Amazonas Lodge. These are the Superior Rooms, Comfort Rooms and the luxurious Suites.

    In addition to wildlife, you can enjoy different cultural experiences. Visit a working community farm and walk the ethnobotanical trail.

Lodge Summary

Here is a summary of the above Puerto Maldonado Jungle Lodges.

  1. The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    The Refugio Amazonas Lodge

    Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    The best end to a fantastic intrepid trip in Peru…!! Wish we had of spent more time there… Staff were

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