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Tucano Kayaks

The Tucano Cruise is an Amazon Rainforest tour rated by National Geographic as one of the best tours on Earth. The Tucano was built in 1997 in a tradition style of the old 19th Century Amazon River steamboats, with large opening windows, a shallow draft, broad beam for stability, and a sense of traditional style.

Despite the historic feel of the vessel, the Tucano is equipped with sophisticated equipment, materials, and advanced construction techniques. From the electrical and water systems to the advanced propulsion and navigation systems, Tucano offers all of the convenience, security, and comfort of a modern yacht. There are individual air-conditioning thermostats in every cabin as well as volume controls for the boat-wide sound system. The vessel has state of the art communications and navigation equipment so that no matter how far into the world’s greatest wilderness the vessel may explore, there is still contact with the outside world.

New 6 Night Cruise

Many of you will be familiar with the standard 5 night Tucano Compact Cruise and the 7 night Tucano Expedition Cruise, however, coming soon in 2015 is the release of a 6 night alternative. The new release is to accommodate tourist requests of a cruise a little longer than the compact cruise, but shorter than the expedition option and a little less expensive. All of the Tucano options are active, exciting, and authentic.

2015 New Cruise Itineraries

  • 7 Nights / 8 Days
  • 6 Nights/ 7 Days
  • 4 Nights / 5 Days

Tucano Kayak Tours

Don’t forget about the new Kayak tours offered on the Tucano for this year. On the kayak tours, visitors can choose either a morning launch excursion or can now paddle with a skilled guide to observe the magnificent flora and fauna of the Amazon. These kayaking tours will be about 2 hours long and we can accommodate both novice and experienced paddlers.

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