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Tucano Kayaks

The Tucano Cruise has undergone some changes this year and we would like to summarise the main improvements to the already fantastic tour of the Amazon Rainforest from Manaus, Brazil. On this 8 or 5 day expedition cruise, you can now enjoy the addition of kayaks, which the operator is very excited about (partly due to the 5 months these new “sit-on-top” only-available-in-the-USA boats took to clear customs in Brazil!). These kayaking tours are available from Today!

On the kayak tours, visitors can choose either a morning launch excursion or can now paddle with a skilled guide to observe the magnificent flora and fauna of the Amazon. These kayaking tours will be about 2 hours long and we can accommodate both novice and experienced paddlers.

What about the World Cup?

There are still tourists sending in enquiries hoping to get space on dates close to the World Cup. Unfortunately, these have now all been filled up except from the cruise Jun 28 – Jul 05 (2014), which from time of writing has 5 available cabins, but get in quick! Why get in quick? On this tour as well as Jul 07-11 (4N) / Jul 12-19 (7N) take $500 US Dollars off the Rack Rate.

What’s the dates again?
Departure dates, 2014: Jun 28-Jul 05 (7N) / Jul 07-11 (4N) / Jul 12-19 (7N)

Can the World Cup be good for the Amazon?

Potentially, yes. The Manaus airport is being renovated with new flights planned making this the most accessible city in the Amazon Rainforest. More people visiting the Amazon on environmentally conscious tours means more people having a personal and life changing experience with this incredible forest and therefore more voices for its preservation. In addition, in expectation of the World Cup, hundreds of guides, drivers, and hotel workers have been studying in anticipation of the thousands of international visitors to Manaus. This is sure to make the time Amazon visitors spend in the rainforest more pleasant through better service and infrastructure.

Tucano Motor Yacht Upgrades

The Yacht has been renovated with new finishing and furnishings to maintain a “Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion” look which helps travelers to actively embrace the exploration experience.


One of the most important criterias for tours operating in delicate and rich environments is sustainability. The aim to be the most sustainable Yacht on the Amazon has got to be a worthwhile objective. New solar heating has been added for 2014 as well as auxiliary electric motors, and propulsion batteries powered by solar electric panels for exploration launches. We aim to show tourists and staff that they are exploring this remaining eden in a responsible manner.

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