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Tahuayo ARC

The Tahuayo Lodge Canopy Zipline (Iquitos, Peru) is the longest zipline system in the Amazon Rainforest and has been ranked one of the world’s most exciting ziplines by Fox News.

The canopy experience, enjoyed by everyone, including the children and grandma, defies written description. Flying through the treetops by zip line was truly exhilarating.

– The Lobach Family

You will be hoisted one hundred feet above the jungle floor into the trees (or can climb yourself if you’re feeling ambitious). You will be strapped in by our highly trained guides to a secure harness by aircraft cables and will then whiz through the trees between our canopy platforms, which are built around 4 emergent Amazon Rainforest trees. These platforms also provide a fantastic place to observe rainforest birds and other wildlife. Weather permitting, all guests to the Tahuayo Lodge are allowed unlimited zipline access.

Originally inspired by the James Bond movie Medicine Man (Sean Connery), the canopy system is of a similar design and was completely rebuilt in 2009. The zipline was built by a team of scientists, arborists and construction specialists using galvanized and stainless steel aircraft hardware capable of supporting over 12,000 pounds. We also hook you to a secondary safety cable inorder to take every possible precaution for a safe ride.

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest container of wildlife and the most biodiversity has been found in this corner of the forest. Located in northern Peru (western Amazon), the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve contains 300,000 hectares of rainforest habitat and protects a significant amount of animals and plants. The associated Amazon Research Center has a grid system to monitor wildlife, which can be visited by guests of the Tahuayo Lodge. Some wildlife images from the Tahuayo Reserve can be seen in the article on the Tahuayo Lodge camera traps.

Life in the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest has rocketed up species estimates for the entire forest. This is due to the animals and plants that complete their entire life cycle up in the trees and were previously out of sight from scientists and Amazon naturalists. Of course, the canopy is also home to a great many different colorful and interesting birds. The Tahuayo Reserve has been recorded to contain over 600 bird species, which you can spot over the course of the recommended 8 days.

If the Amazon Rainforest zipline seems a little too adventurous for your tastes, there are alternative ways to experience the canopy from Iquitos. One of the options is a tour from the resort-styled Ceiba Tops where you have a tamer experience of the rainforest closer to Iquitos. Although the wildlife is by no means comparable to the Tahuayo, it provides a quick glimpse of what the rainforest is like. On tours from here and from the nearby Explorama Lodge, you can book a day excursion to the canopy walkway to walk between the tree tops viewing different birds and canopy wildlife.

The Canopy Walkway is 115 feet above the forest floor and reaches 500 meters across the jungle where you will have a truly bird’s eye view of Amazonia. Spread between 14 of the largest emergent trees in the Amazon, this is one of the largest canopy walkways in the world.

For the best chance to see a high diversity of Amazon Rainforest animals and plants, a tour to the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve is among the best options for Iquitos tours. Here you will be assigned a private guide on a fully customizable itinerary, a rare experience for tours in the Amazon Rainforest.

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