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When To Go To South Africa
South Africa is a fantastic safari destination. Home to all of Africa’s Big 5, enjoy some incredible game drives and walking safaris to experience a beautiful part of the continent. Enjoy exciting safaris in protected areas to spot elephants, lions, rhino, giraffes and more. Choose from many private reserves and national parks, including the famous […]
Shamwari Explorer Camp
The Shamwari and Sanbona Reserve are both located in South Africa and offer a choice of luxury accommodation as a base for your safari. As an additional way to enjoy the reserves, they both offer explorer camps for a short camping safari. But do you choose the Shamwari or Sanbona Explorer Camp? Here, we will […]
Sanbona or Shamwari Reserve
The Sanbona Reserve and the Shamwari Reserve are both excellent wildlife reserves in South Africa. Both Sanbona and Shamwari Reserve contain the Big 5 and both have very strong conservation and restoration goals. As both of these excellent wildlife reserves also offer a premium safari in a choice of different luxury lodges, do you choose […]
Eagles Crag Lodge - Luxury Tours in South Africa
The Eagles Crag Lodge (Shamwari Reserve) Offered as the premium lodge in Shamwari Reserve, the Eagles Crag Lodge offers incredible comfort, excellent views, delicious cuisine, and exhilarating game drives through the Shamwari Reserve. In addition to the game drives and tours, enjoy spotting some different wildlife from the lodge itself. The suites at the Eagles […]
Dwyka Tented Lodge - Top Sanbona Wildlife Reserve Lodges
There are some fantastic Sanbona Wildlife Reserve lodges to enjoy. These include luxurious and very comfortable lodges or a comfortable camping experience. Enjoy comfortable suites, tastefully decorated lodges inspired by the area’s history, delicious cuisine, and ranger-led game drives in the reserve to find Sanbona’s Big 5 and other iconic wildlife. The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve […]
Sanbona Reserve, South Africa
The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve covers 54,000 hectares of diverse landscape in a part of South Africa called the Little Karroo. This desert-like wilderness is accessed from South Africa’s capital city of Cape Town. The main objective of the reserve is conservation and restoration of this fantastic area complete with the animals and plants that once […]
Lion - Shamwari Reserve - Luxury Lodges
Port Elizabeth is the main city on South Africa’s Eastern Cape. As one of the country’s largest cities, Port Elizabeth is also one of the major hubs of South Africa’s famous Garden Route. There are some great luxury safari lodges from Port Elizabeth. We will mention a few favorites further down. But first an introduction […]
Lions in Shamwari Nature Reserve, South Africa
The Shamwari Nature Reserve is an award-winning private reserve in South Africa. The reserve is located about 75 km from Port Elizabeth. The Shamwari Reserve & Shamwari Reserve lodges are consistently voted leaders in conservation and eco-lodge operation. The reserve has been featured on nature programs, including Animal Planet for the show ‘Shamwari: A wild […]
Kruger National Park - Elephants
To make the most of your safari in South Africa, here’s a guide to the Shamwari Game Reserve and the Kruger National Park. We will mention reserve summaries, activities, wildlife, and differences. To start with, both these protected areas are visited from two different base cities… Kruger National Park is in the country’s north-east. To […]

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