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Tambopata Reserve
The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve A beautiful section of flooded Amazon Rainforest. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve sits in Peru’s northern Amazon Rainforest and is accessed from the city of Iquitos. This is the largest city in the world unconnected to any other by road. And it’s one of Peru’s main gateways to the rainforest. […]
Tambopata Research Center Macaws
Accessed from the sleepy town of Puerto Maldonado in Peru, Tambopata is one of the world’s most wildlife-rich places with a fantastic diversity of species. You can find many different rainforest monkeys, a fantastic assemblage of different colorful birds, and much more. The Tambopata region is home to the highest concentration of clay licks in […]
Sandoval Lake Giant Otter
An oxbow lake which formed when a tributary of the Amazon changed direction, Sandoval is possibly the most attractive lake in the Amazon’s Tambopata National Reserve. Sandoval Lake is not only an attraction for Amazon Rainforest visitors but also attracts a diversity of many different rainforest animals. This is also one of the largest oxbow […]
Manu Rainforest Turtles
The Manu National Park Tented Camp, also known as the Albergue Machiguenga, offers a low-impact lodge in the reserved zone of Manu National Park. Accessed from Cusco or Puerto Maldonado, depending on your itinerary (see below), Manu is the largest national park in Peru and protects one of the world’s highest levels of animals and […]
Tambopata National Reserve is part of the world’s largest area of continuous protected tropical forest. Located in southern Peru and accessed from the dusty town of Puerto Maldonado, Tambopata contains a high diversity of animals and plants. Part of the Amazon Rainforest, Tambopata is a great place to see monkeys from one of the several […]
Sandoval Lake Lodge
The combination tour of the Macaw Clay Lick & Sandoval Lake Lodge is a fantastic experience in the Tambopata Amazon Rainforest of southern Peru. Enjoy the giant river otters, caiman, hoatzin, lake birds, and monkeys of Sandoval Lake and one of the largest macaw licks in Tambopata at the Heath River Wildlife Center. The Sandoval […]
Manu Wildlife Center Macaws
If you’re planning for 3 or 4 days in Puerto Maldonado for your experience of the Amazon Rainforest, you’re in one of the best places in the entire Amazon for a short tour. The Tambopata National Reserve is located very close to town and represents the Tambopata part of a continuous protected area, which is […]
Tambopata Research Center Macaws
In addition to guided walks in the Amazon Rainforest to find incredible wildlife, enjoy other Puerto Maldonado Amazon activities at certain Amazon lodges. Here we will focus on some top Puerto Maldonado lodges and mention the various activities on offer. The activities include gazing down from rainforest canopy towers, watching parrots at clay licks, rainforest […]
Butterfly in Puerto Maldonado's rainforest
To experience Peru’s Amazon Rainforest, the two main gateways are Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado. Both provide a fantastic rainforest experience and when comparing Iquitos vs. Puerto Maldonado note that there are importance differences. Both of these rainforest gateway provide excellent longer rainforest tours of 6 days or more. But if you’re interested in a short […]
Tambopata Research Center Macaw
Manu National Park is probably the most famous area of protected Amazon Rainforest in Peru. To reach the area of lowland Manu rainforest, many people will first need to fly to Puerto Maldonado in southern Peru, which is also the gateway to the nearby Tambopata National Reserve. Tambopata is also an area of outstanding diversity […]

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