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Sanbona or Shamwari Reserve
The Sanbona Reserve and the Shamwari Reserve are both excellent wildlife reserves in South Africa. Both Sanbona and Shamwari Reserve contain the Big 5 and both have very strong conservation and restoration goals. As both of these excellent wildlife reserves also offer a premium safari in a choice of different luxury lodges, do you choose […]
Eagles Crag Lodge - Luxury Tours in South Africa
The Eagles Crag Lodge (Shamwari Reserve) Offered as the premium lodge in Shamwari Reserve, the Eagles Crag Lodge offers incredible comfort, excellent views, delicious cuisine, and exhilarating game drives through the Shamwari Reserve. In addition to the game drives and tours, enjoy spotting some different wildlife from the lodge itself. The suites at the Eagles […]
Galapagos Islands - National Parks & Reserves in Ecuador
Ecuador has protected 19% of the country within a range of reserves and national parks, including the majority of the Galapagos Islands and a couple of other UNESCO-listed areas. Enjoy a diversity of environments, such as rainforest, mountains, dry tropical forest, páramo tundra, volcanoes, mangroves, islands, and marine areas. Within these reserves and national parks, […]
Macaws - Iquitos, Peru
Iquitos makes a fantastic base to explore the Amazon Rainforest on tours of 4 days and over, as despite giving access to a few different protected areas, the wildlife-rich areas where the rainforest is at its most untouched is a few hours from the city itself. As a port city of the Amazon River, if […]
Butterflies - Cristalino Reserve
The Cristalino Reserve is a private reserve of around 11,400 hectares in the southern Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. The reserve is at a crossroads of different ecosystems, such as the Amazon Rainforest and Pantanal Wetlands, which has led to a very high diversity of animals and plants with many species found nowhere else on Earth. Founded […]
Anavilhanas National Park - Manaus, Brazil
The largest protected section of Amazon Rainforest, the UNESCO listed Central Amazon Ecological Corridor was composed by joining different protected areas together on February 19th, 2009, when the Brazilian Environmental Authority (IBAMA) began the project. One of the last protected areas added to this incredible area was the Anavilhanas National Park. The Anavilhanas itself has […]
The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
One of the largest protected areas in Peru, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve protects around 2,080,000 hectares of Amazon habitat. Situated between the Ucayali and Marañon rivers, the Pacaya was established in 1982 and protects a diverse section of the western Amazon basin. The magnificence of this reserve make it one of the best areas […]
Tahuayo River at Sunset - Alfredo Dosantos
The main gateways to the northern Amazon Rainforest and providing access to the incredible Amazon River, both Iquitos and Manaus are great places to experiences the Amazon environment. Providing access to the Amazon of northern Peru and Brazil respectively, there are some significant differences between both areas and differences in the Amazon Rainforest lodges and […]
Tambopata Clay Lick Peru
The southern Amazon Rainforest is the place to see the best macaw clay licks in Peru, as the rainforest accessed from Puerto Maldonado contains more clay licks than anywhere else in Amazonia. Macaw clay licks are most abundant in this area of Amazonia because of a few factors. These include the type of forest, exposed […]
Delfin Amazon Cruise - Peru
Peru and Ecuador have similar wildlife, geography, culture, and history. But there are some big differences for visiting, which we will cover below. The countries are neighbors in a similar area of South America. And the biggest differences for you will be the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and Machu Picchu in Peru. Note that both […]

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