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Manu Wildlife Center Macaws
If you’re planning for 3 or 4 days in Puerto Maldonado for your experience of the Amazon Rainforest, you’re in one of the best places in the entire Amazon for a short tour. The Tambopata National Reserve is located very close to town and represents the Tambopata part of a continuous protected area, which is […]
Manu Macaw Clay Lick
First a brief intro to both of these areas and then we’ll suggest some representative tours for you to decide between Manu National Park or Iquitos for an Amazon tour. Both Manu and the Iquitos Amazon are home to exceptional tours and both offers something a little different, so your choice depends on your own […]
Tambopata Research Center Macaw
Manu National Park is probably the most famous area of protected Amazon Rainforest in Peru. To reach the area of lowland Manu rainforest, many people will first need to fly to Puerto Maldonado in southern Peru, which is also the gateway to the nearby Tambopata National Reserve. Tambopata is also an area of outstanding diversity […]
Uakari Frog Tahuayo
Iquitos is a port city of the Amazon River in the north east of Peru and is the Peruvian gateway to the Amazon Rainforest near the Amazon River. There are a few fantastic protected areas accessible from Iquitos aboard some of the Amazon’s best cruises and rainforest lodges, which will collect you from Iquitos airport […]
Giant Otters Posada Amazonas
Puerto Maldonado Amazon Tours take you on a tour of a fantastically diverse tropical paradise. Dotted with more clay licks than anywhere else in the Amazon Rainforest, Puerto Maldonado is gifted with almost guaranteed wildlife sightings to show off the rainforest’s wildlife – from large and brightly colored macaw parrots to the mysterious tapir, the […]
Napo Wildlife Center
The Amazon Rainforest is one of the main draws to the South American continent. With its lush vegetation, abundance of animals, and quality tours, many people visit the Amazon for a look back in time, a chance to see the world before human dominance, and as simply a break from normal life. Here we will […]
Tambopata Amazon Rainforest
Cusco is the archeological and tourism hub of Peru. Impressively, Cusco has over a million visitors each year gracing the city’s ancient streets. It was the hub and birthplace of the Inca Empire. The Inca would dominate Peru until the empire fell in 1572 at the hands of the Spanish conquistadors. Because of its popularity, […]
Tambopata Research Center Macaws
Tours of the highly diverse Tambopata National Reserve are a very rewarding option for an Amazon tour. On Tambopata Reserve tours, you can find many clay licks, which large macaw parrots, tapir, and other animals visit to replenish salt and detoxify forest foods. The region contains more clay licks than other Amazon areas and increases […]
The Amazon Rainforest’s canopy is the richest level for forest life. The trees can reach 145 feet (45 meters) into the sky, with some emergent species growing even higher. They branch out in competition with other plants to get as much sunlight as possible. As the trees spread out to catch the light, they forms […]
Manu Macaws
Macaws are the symbols of the Amazon Rainforest. Seeing the large and brightly colored macaws flying free above the rainforest is a fantastic experience and definitely worth a photo or two. And seeing macaws in large groups at colpas, where they feed on medicinal clay in a raucous display of sound and color, is then […]

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