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Manu Macaws at the Clay Lick
The largest national park in Peru and home to one of the highest levels of animals and plants on Earth, Manu National Park is an impressive protected area at around 1.5 million hectares. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to an incredible number of species and includes habitat from the Andes down to the […]
Ethnobotanical Trail - Posada Amazonas
Lima is Peru’s capital city. And this is the first city you will arrive at when you land in the country. Peru is famous for containing one of the highest amounts of Amazon Rainforest. This section of Amazonia is also one of the richest for animals and plants. And many visitors want to visit the […]
Manu Tour Programs
Here, we provide our selection of the top 5 tours and programs for the Manu Rainforest. The Manu National Park is an enormous protected area and covers close to two million hectares of habitat, including Andean forest in the clouds down to the lowland Amazon. These Manu tours provide opportunities to explore the Manu cloud […]
Manu River
The Tahuayo Lodge Tour An Amazon Rainforest tour from the Tahuayo Lodge provides a fantastic adventure into the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve. This is a wildlife-rich reserve in the northern Amazon Rainforest about 150 km from the rainforest city of Iquitos in north Peru. From the Tahuayo Lodge, you are assigned a private Amazon guide and […]
Cusco Things To Do
Cusco is one of the country’s favorite cities and is home to many of Peru’s top attractions. Enjoy fantastic examples of Incan archaeology, Spanish architecture, and some amazing wildlife tours. Cusco is very central to some of the main Amazon areas you can enjoy after a short direct flight, so because many people want a […]
Cusco, Peru
Here is our selection of the top 10 cities in Peru. We will give a summary of each city and mention some tours or link to some travel bloggers to give you their own opinions of each place. Cusco Peru’s main tourist destination and worthy of its popularity, the Cusco region was the birthplace of […]
Delfin I Pool
Here is our selection of the top things to do in and around Iquitos. As this is Peru’s gateway to the northern Amazon, the best attraction around Iquitos is the Amazon Rainforest, which you can explore on some of the top Amazon River tours from Iquitos. While in Iquitos itself, there are also a number […]
Tambopata Research Center Macaws
Here is our selection of the top 30 attractions in Peru. We provide links to great tours and some travel bloggers who have written about their experiences to give you their own opinions of each destination and what to see. The Southern Amazon Rainforest Peru’s southern Amazon Rainforest differs from the north mainly by the […]
Manu Rainforest Turtles
The Manu National Park Tented Camp, also known as the Albergue Machiguenga, offers a low-impact lodge in the reserved zone of Manu National Park. Accessed from Cusco or Puerto Maldonado, depending on your itinerary (see below), Manu is the largest national park in Peru and protects one of the world’s highest levels of animals and […]
Machu Picchu 5 Days
Machu Picchu is the main archaeological attraction in Peru and is regarded as a must visit tourist attraction in South America. Hidden from the Spanish conquistadors because of its sacred nature, Machu Picchu only reached attention to those outside of Peru after the American historian Hiram Bingham located the Incan monument in 1911. Since this […]

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