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Crested Hawk Eagle Reni Pani Jungle Lodge
India is a fantastic country to visit for incredible wildlife experiences. Home to similar wildlife to its neighboring Africa, India has some of the best wildlife sightings on the Asian continent. Bhopal is then the gateway to the protected wildlife of the Central Indian forest ecosystem and excellent wildlife lodges of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. […]
Reni Pani Jungle Lodge
Satpura Tiger Reserve is a great protected area to visit for incredible wildlife opportunities. As an introduction, Tiger Reserves were set up to protect Bengal tigers in India. Tigers are severely threatened and were being rapidly driven to extinction with the loss of three types of tigers in the 1900s and during this time there […]
Reni Pani Leopard
India is a great place for a wildlife tour and there are different wildlife lodges positioned near some of the best wildlife reserves for seeing many different birds and animals. For many nature lovers, the favorite animals to see on an Indian safari are the famous big cats, such as tigers and leopards, but there […]

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