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Amazon River, Iquitos, Peru
This is the largest city unconnected to any other by road. Iquitos is your gateway to Peru’s northern Amazon Rainforest by the Amazon River. As a port the Amazon, Iquitos was a very important trade route for the country. And it’s also the base for you to experience Peru’s Amazon Rainforest. But how many days […]
Peru is a fantastic choice for a luxury Amazon cruise and there are a few different choices available. The luxury Amazon cruises in Peru depart from Iquitos in the northern Amazon Rainforest. This is a port city of the Amazon River and is just a short flight north from Lima, the country’s capital. From Iquitos, […]
La Selva Lodge, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
The UNESCO-listed Yasuni National Park covers around one million hectares of lowland Amazon Rainforest and contains a record-breaking diversity of animals and plants. The park is situated along the Napo River in eastern Ecuador and is one of the favorite places to visit for nature lovers or people looking for a more adventurous vacation. With […]
The Rio Negro, Manaus, Brazil
The Rio Negro is one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon River and was named by the Spanish explorer and conquistador Francisco de Orellana who visited the river in 1541. The river was named the Negro, which means black in Portuguese because of the water’s dark coloration. The color is caused by different tannins […]
Anavilhanas National Park - Manaus, Brazil
The largest protected section of Amazon Rainforest, the UNESCO listed Central Amazon Ecological Corridor was composed by joining different protected areas together on February 19th, 2009, when the Brazilian Environmental Authority (IBAMA) began the project. One of the last protected areas added to this incredible area was the Anavilhanas National Park. The Anavilhanas itself has […]
Amazon Woodpecker - Lucas Bustamante
Accounting for around 13% of the entire Amazon, the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest runs down the western side of Peru cradled by the Andean Mountains as the jungle’s spine. These mountains themselves rocket up biodiversity estimates for the forest and their slopes are home to the incredible bird-rich Cloud Forests. It’s these mountains and other factors […]
Best Itinerary for Peru - Amazon Discovery
Given the diverse and high number of attractions in Peru, the best itinerary really depends on your personality and interests. The most visited itinerary option here is Machu Picchu, which is often combined with other Incan sites, Spanish colonial architecture, and the incredible Amazon Rainforest. Peru contains the second largest fraction of this incredible forest, […]
Delfin Amazon Cruises - Things to do on the Amazon River
The Amazon River begins as trickles in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Andes and flows east as it crosses Peru, skirts the southern tip of Colombia, and travels through northern Brazil before emerging into the Atlantic Ocean near the Brazilian city of Macapá. There are some different wildlife-focused and relaxing things to do on the Amazon […]
Amazon & Galapagos Tour
To maximize your comfort, service, and wildlife while on your expedition to Ecuador, we recommend the luxury-class La Selva Lodge & Ocean Spray Galapagos Cruise on the Galapagos & Amazon Combo Tour. The Galapagos Islands To give a bit of background, the Galapagos Islands were discovered when the Bishop of Panama was blown off course […]
Ocean Spray Cruise Deck
The Galapagos are a series of Islands about 1000 kilometers west of Ecuador. World famous as the islands that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, the islands are home to an incredible assortment of animals. You can find giant tortoises the size of small cars, blue-footed booby birds, ocean diving iguana, Darwin’s finches, sea lions, […]

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