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Located on the Caribbean side of Central America, Belize is a small country with access to beautiful beaches, warm waters and wildlife-filled rainforests and coral reef. This is a fantastic destination to visit for nature lovers and there are many rainforest lodges in Belize to choose from. From many of these, you can not only […]
Costa Rica Rainforest
One of the best places in Central America for a rainforest tour, Costa Rica is a top performing country for environmental policies. Over 25% of its forests are under protection in national parks and reserves. Although a small country in Central America, Costa Rica is also home to 5% of all species on Earth. The […]
Costa Rica
Here is our selection of the top ten rainforest lodges in Costa Rica. The first few are Costa Rica’s best luxury rainforest lodges suited to travelers wanting a premium experience that exceed expectations for comfort and service. The others offer a comfortable and more homely or adventurous experience of the rainforest. The Amor Arenal Lodge […]
Rancho Pacifico Rainforest Header
The charmingly named Uvita is a small village on the southern Costa Rican coast in Central America and is home to a breathtaking diversity of natural sights. A relaxing destination for both visitors, locals, and expats, Uvita is a great place to explore the country’s coastal rainforest, wildlife, and ocean. The village is very close […]

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