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Anavilhanas National Park - Manaus, Brazil
The largest protected section of Amazon Rainforest, the UNESCO listed Central Amazon Ecological Corridor was composed by joining different protected areas together on February 19th, 2009, when the Brazilian Environmental Authority (IBAMA) began the project. One of the last protected areas added to this incredible area was the Anavilhanas National Park. The Anavilhanas itself has […]
Tahuayo River at Sunset - Alfredo Dosantos
The main gateways to the northern Amazon Rainforest and providing access to the incredible Amazon River, both Iquitos and Manaus are great places to experiences the Amazon environment. Providing access to the Amazon of northern Peru and Brazil respectively, there are some significant differences between both areas and differences in the Amazon Rainforest lodges and […]
Jaguar Tongue Tambopata Research Center
Ranging from Central America to Argentina, jaguar are equipped with incredible jaw strength they use with incredible skill. Feeding from around 100 different species, in Central America jaguar regularly hunt sea turtles and wait on the beaches to ambush a favored prey. In the forests of the Amazon, jaguar feed on various animals, including capybara, […]
Delfin I Deck
Around 40% of the South American continent is part of the Amazon Basin, a network of tributaries and waterways branching out from the main stem of the Amazon River. Feeding the Amazon Rainforest, the river gives life to the world´s largest number of animals and plants. This makes it ideal for a fantastic family adventure […]
Delfin Excursion
A river cruise is one of the best ways to experience Amazonia. The Amazon Rainforest covers 40% of the continent. A vast network of tributaries feed this forest. And cruises allow you to get deeper into the rainforest. On guided tours, you can experience incredible wildlife and beautiful scenery. But when is the best time […]
Tahuayo Lodge Macaws
Tours of the northern Amazon offer experiences of the rainforest close to the Amazon River. As the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, the river feeds and supports the world´s largest tropical forest, which contains more animals and plants than anywhere else on Earth. The river runs near different rainforest gateways such as Coca in Ecuador, […]
Cirstalino Otter
You may not realise it, but tropical forests contain the bulk of all life on Earth. These areas cover just 7% of the Earth’s surface but contain a staggering 50% of all the world’s life. The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical forest with the majority occurring in Brazil. And with over 40% of its […]
Tambopata Rainforest Jaguar
With so many excellent lodges and cruises in the Amazon Rainforest, picking a tour can be complicated. Many people pick a country first, which may mean missing an ideal tour in another area, search for tours on the Amazon River, limiting their experience of the southern Amazon Rainforest, or search around the most well known […]
Delfin II Luxury Cruise
South America contains the Rio Amazon, one of the world’s greatest rivers. The Amazon River starts in the Andes of Peru and crosses the country into Colombia then crosses Brazil to end up in the Atlantic Ocean. Running through the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, cruises on the Amazon are some of the most rewarding […]
Cristalino Birds
No place in the southern Brazilian Amazon has been studied so intensely in terms of biodiversity as the area surrounding the city of Alta Floresta in southern Brazil. One conclusion from these studies is that no other place in the eastern Amazon has such a high assemblage and richness of bird life. Alta Floresta sits […]

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