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South America offers fantastic countries to visit. Home to many of the world’s top attractions, explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, visit beautiful islands, explore vast jungles, and walk the streets of vibrant and historic cities. Peru Offering one of the most diverse experiences in South America, Peru provides fantastic experience of culture, history and […]
Machu Picchu - Cusco or Lima
Cusco and Lima are both fantastic cities. You might be deciding whether to spend more time in either Cusco or Lima while exploring other regions. Peru offers incredible archaeology experiences. And the country is home to some of the best Amazon lodges for the Amazon Rainforest. As a demonstration of this, just take a look […]
Best Itinerary for Peru - Amazon Discovery
Given the diverse and high number of attractions in Peru, the best itinerary really depends on your personality and interests. The most visited itinerary option here is Machu Picchu, which is often combined with other Incan sites, Spanish colonial architecture, and the incredible Amazon Rainforest. Peru contains the second largest fraction of this incredible forest, […]
Cusco Things To Do
Cusco is one of the country’s favorite cities and is home to many of Peru’s top attractions. Enjoy fantastic examples of Incan archaeology, Spanish architecture, and some amazing wildlife tours. Cusco is very central to some of the main Amazon areas you can enjoy after a short direct flight, so because many people want a […]
Machu Picchu 5 Days
Machu Picchu is the main archaeological attraction in Peru and is regarded as a must visit tourist attraction in South America. Hidden from the Spanish conquistadors because of its sacred nature, Machu Picchu only reached attention to those outside of Peru after the American historian Hiram Bingham located the Incan monument in 1911. Since this […]

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