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  • Puerto Maldonado Rainforest The Best Areas of Amazon Jungle To Visit In Peru: Make The Most Of Your Experience- Peru’s Amazon Rainforest offers one of the best areas of Amazon to visit. To provide a summary: Peru has the second highest amount of rainforest after Brazil. Peru offers one of the most thought out tourism industries in Amazonia. There are more claylicks in the Peruvian Amazon than anywhere else in South America. Along with […]
  • La Selva Lodge, Ecuador's Rainforest The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador- Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest is regarded as the most species-rich section of Amazonia. The total expanse of Amazon Rainforest spans 40% of South America. Filled with an exceptional diversity of life, the Amazon is the world’s largest tropical forest. Cradled by Ecuador’s Andes mountains, Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest can be reached after a short flight from Quito […]