Australia Wildlife Tours

Here, we provide our selection of the top Wildlife Tours in Australia to help you make the most of Australian wildlife experiences.

From areas all over Australia, we have included different wildlife experiences and the best tours to see a diversity of species, including the top tours to see iconic Australian animals from saltwater crocodiles to Christmas Island crabs.

  1. The Ethical Adventures Colors of Kakadu Tour

    Ethical Adventures Wildlife Tours, Australia

    The Ethical Adventures Colors of Kakadu Tour takes you on a fantastic tour of the Northern Territory to enjoy spectacular wildlife watching and the traditional culture of northern Australia.

    With a maximum of 6 guests, enjoy 2-days of guided exploration starting on the Adelaide River floodplains. See incredible birdlife, reptiles, and mammals.

    As well as the wildlife, enjoy insightful cultural visits to meet the traditional residents of Kakadu. You will learn about the traditional culture and the ongoing issues faced by the community.

    Visit the Bowali Center for an introduction to the Kakadu region then take a flight in a light aircraft for a spectacular aerial view of the region.

    Head out on the award-winning Guluyambi Culture Cruise led by your local aboriginal guide to learn about the region’s cultural and natural history. Note that this area has one of the world’s highest populations of the iconic saltwater crocodiles.

    You will then head to the Cooinda region for wildlife watching on the wetlands and enjoy information from your expert local guide.

    After this, enjoy a relaxing night at the Cooinda resort before visiting the Aboriginal Culture Center for a cultural experience learning from local knowledge. You will then visit Anbangbang and Nourlangie with your indigenous guide to learn about these spiritual areas.

  2. The 5-night Ningaloo Escape

    Ningaloo Australia Wildlife Tours, Australia

    The 5-night Ningaloo Escape offers a fantastic experience of Western Australia’s Ningaloo reef and region.

    The Sail Ningaloo Shore Thing catamaran is an award-winning experience to explore the wildlife-rich Ningaloo Reef for many different colorful fish, sea turtles, rays, and chance encounters with manta rays and whale sharks.

    The air-conditioned cabins aboard the Shore Thing vessel are simple and comfortable offering a mix of cabins with en-suite bathrooms or shared facilities.

    You will then enjoy delicious and freshly prepared meals in the dining room and seefantastic views on deck.

    On your itinerary, visit Coral Bay to enjoy fascinating corals and visit Batemans Bay and for the incredible manta rays. This is also where you can see the dugongs and whales over the migration season. Choose to snorkel the areas to get closer to the action or observe from the comfort of the vessel.

    You will also see the ruins of the historic Norwegian Bay whaling station, enjoy kayaking opportunities, and snorkel a historic shipwreck.

  3. The Davison’s Arhemland Safari Lodge

    Davison’s Arhemland Safari Lodge Wildlife Tours, Australia

    The Davison’s Arhemland Safari Lodge provides a fantastic and comfortable base to explore Arhemland. There are many activities and tours on offer to make the most of your experiences, including cultural experiences such as visiting sites of ancient rock art.

    Owned and managed by the Amurdak people who have been here for around 50,000 years, the lodge was invited by the local community to help bring a little tourism to the region and to teach visitors about the significance of the area. The lodge is surrounded by the wildlife-rich floodplains, monsoonal rainforest, and paperbark swamps that create the beautiful Arhemland region.

    Accommodation at the lodge is composed of private freestanding cabins, which each feature en-suite bathrooms, comfortable queen or twin beds, and a private balcony to enjoy beautiful views.

    In the dining room or on the large outdoor deck, you will be served delicious meals made with fresh ingredients. You can then enjoy a drink at the lodge bar to talk with other visitors about your experiences.

    Head out from the lodge for fantastic tours to explore the region. Your knowledgeable guides will show you the best areas for enjoying wildlife, including iconic saltwater crocodiles and incredible birdlife.

    You will also enjoy beautiful scenery, culture, and natural features. Visit the floodplains, wildlife-filled billabongs, walk through the rainforest, and enjoy a wildlife cruise. Explore the area on walking tours, by 4WD, and by boat.

  4. The 5-day Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cobourg Peninsula Tour

    Venture North Safaris Wildlife Tours, Australia

    Experience fantastic Australian wildlife on the Venture North Safaris’ Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cobourg Peninsula Tour.

    Enjoy an in-depth experience of the Northern Territory to explore the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. Visit wildlife-rich billabongs, see iconic saltwater crocodiles, and enjoy beautiful views of this incredible region.

    From Kakadu, journey into Arnhem Land to see the vast floodplains covered in birdlife and visit the Gunbalanya Aboriginal Community to learn from traditional knowledge.

    You will see ancient rock art with an aboriginal guide to teach about the art and cultural significance of the region. You will also visit local artists and then travel to the beautiful Cobourg Coast.

    Head out on a cruise to explore the coastline and the Northern Territory’s largest marine park. See different marine animals, such as dolphins, turtles, stingrays, colorful fish, and even saltwater crocodiles.

    You will also travel to the internationally recognised Cobourg wetlands for the high diversity of animals and plants, including the hundreds of different birds.

  5. The Cruise Whitsundays Reef Suites Experience

    Wildlife Tours, Australia

    Providing a unique experience of the Great Barrier Reef region, the Whitsundays Reef Suites Experience is an all-inclusive package offering a fantastic experience of the underwater world.

    You will be accommodated beneath the sea with windows looking directly onto the reef. The suites are offered as the premium offering of Reefworld, which is a facility moored off the coast at Hardy Reef. The facility can be enjoyed by day visitors and Reef Sleep guests accommodated on deck.

    It is only the Reef Suite guests who have the underwater experience. When the day visitors leave, the Reef Sleep and Reef Suite guests have the entire Reef World to themselves.

    The package also includes all meals and drinks, including a dining experience under the stars.

    Your accommodation offers floor-to-ceiling windows to watch the marine life from the comfort of your suite. As part of your experience, enjoy a scenic cruise through the Whitsundays Islands and a privately guided snorkelling and semi-submarine tour.

  6. The 5-day Broome to the Bungles Tour

    The Bungles, Australia

    For a fantastic experience of the Broome region of Western Australia, the Kimberley Wild Expeditions’ 5-day Broome to the Bungles Tour takes you on a wildlife-rich experience to the iconic Bungle Bungles.

    Enjoy the stunning scenery of the Kimberley region with the oasis at Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, secret caves, and a cruise of Geikie Gorge. Travel between the areas in a comfortable 4WD and enjoy delicious, freshly prepared meals under the stars.

    Your accommodation for your adventure is at the fantastic Bungle Bungle Safari Camp and then you can choose to spend two nights camping or two nights in a safari cabin for the camping plus option.

    Visit incredible areas known only to outsiders as recently as the 1980s, including the oldest sites of human habitation in Australia dating to thousands of years ago.

    Have an engaging visit to the Mangkaja Aboriginal Arts Centre and explore the Geikie Gorge led by a national park ranger. There are some fantastic animals to find, including the famous freshwater crocodiles, many different fish, and hundreds of birds. In addition to wildlife, learn about the traditional culture and fascinating folklore.

  7. The Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

    Kimberley Wild Expeditions Wildlife Tours, Australia

    Located off the coast of Eastern Australia, Lady Elliot Island is a must-visit area for enjoying incredible marine life. The island is in the middle of a wildlife-rich area at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef.

    This is a highly protected green zone offering a sanctuary for over a thousand species of marine life and is known for the abundance of manta rays, turtles, colorful fish, and different corals.

    The resort offers a choice of comfortable accommodation options.

    Enjoy many different guided tours and activities. These are spaced in different areas of the resort and all include air-conditioning, comfortable beds, and a spacious balcony.

    Accommodation options with private bathroom on offer include the Beachfront Units, Reef Units, and the Garden Units. There are also the Eco Units with shared facilities. As an additional option, you can choose the Glamping Tents to have an even closer experience with this fantastic island.

    Enjoy fantastic tours and activities from the island, including the glass bottom boat tour, a snorkelling safari, guided island walks, a birdwatching tour, guided clear bottom kayaking tour, a seasonal turtle trek, dive courses, and many diving opportunities.

  8. The Kakadu & Arnhem Land Tour

    Kakadu & Arnhem Land Tour - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    The Lords Kakadu & Arnhemland Safaris 3-day Kakadu & Arnhem Land Tour offers the best areas of the region to showcase the incredible wildlife and attractions on offer.

    Explore the Northern Territory on a fantastic adventure. Head to the Fogg River Dam to spot an abundance of water birds and other animals. See the different cormorants, spoonbills, egregs, jacans, and iconic Jabiru storks. You will also enjoy an airboat safari on the Mary River Wetlands to scout for the many crocodiles and diverse birdlife.

    You will enter the Kakadu National Park and explore the waters on the Yellow Water Cruise. Tour the billabong for the many different animals to find, including the saltwater crocodiles, sea eagles, jacana, and buffalo on the floodplains.

    Enjoy different walks around Waterfall Creek known from the Crocodile Dundee movie and see the 120-metre cascading waterfall.

    You will then visit the Maguk (Barramundi) Gorge to explore the sub-monsoon rainforest before a relaxing night’s sleep.

    The next day, head to Arnhem Land to learn from the local aboriginal community and experience this incredible region. See the Injalak Arts and Crafts Centre to learn about the community project and traditional culture of the Kunwinjku people. The tour then ends with your return to Darwin.

    You can customise the tour according to your interests and preferences and can choose the camping or accommodated experience.

  9. FNQ Nature Tours

    FNQ Nature Tours - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    FNQ Nature Tours offers full day and private multi-day experiences of the Atherton Tablelands and Daintree Rainforest with a focus on the region’s fantastic wildlife. Head out with a professional accredited guide with a passion for wildlife and the knowledge of the best areas for wildlife viewing.

    Explore the region to focus on your interests, such as birdwatching, nature photography, wildlife watching, or simply enjoy a family or group experience for a nature focused tour of northern Queensland.

    The trails and boardwalks you will visit take you deeper into nature than many Queensland tours allowing you more opportunities to see wildlife. Many of the areas are also on private land or reserves to provide exclusivity. For example, it’s not uncommon on the FNQ Nature Tours to see a southern cassowary, tree kangaroo and platypus on a single tour.

    For the multi-day private tours, you will be accommodated in a select range of comfortable lodges for your experience.

  10. The 5-day Top End Birding and Wildlife Tour

    NT Bird Specialists - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    From Darwin, enjoy a wildlife-rich 5-day experience of the Northern Territory with NT Bird Specialists. See a variety of species only found in the top end of Australia led by your award-winning wildlife and birding guide..

    Your knowledgeable and experienced guide will help you find some of the many species to see, including different parrots, doves, finches, water birds, frill-neck lizards, turtles, monitors wallabies, wallaroos, bandicoots, bats, and both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles.

    Visit two different aboriginal rock art sites, tour the wetlands, enjoy the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, as well as stopping at different reserves and urban areas to see some different animals and landscapes.

    For your experience, you can choose the accommodated option or a camping experience to get even closer to nature.

  11. The Silky Oaks Great Barrier Reef & Rainforest Package

    The Silky Oaks Great Barrier Reef & Rainforest Package - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    Offering luxury accommodation in the Daintree Region, the Silky Oaks Lodge offers a comfortable environment to explore the Mossman River, Daintree Rainforest, and Great Barrier Reef.

    Enjoy delicious cuisine in the open-air Treehouse Restaurant and Bar listening to the sounds of the rainforest and river. Your fine dining experience includes contemporary Australian dishes with Asian influence designed to suit the tropical climate.

    There are many different lodge activities to enjoy and you also have a complimentary daily shuttle transfer to Port Douglas.

    Enjoy a guided walk in the rainforest across the lodge grounds to learn about the different plants and animals. There are also self-guided walks on offer with well marked trails. You can also take a kayak or snorkel and fins to explore the billabong. There are also guided yoga classes on offer to suit all fitness levels listening to the Mossman River.

    Take advantage of the spa for a relaxing massage surrounded by pristine rainforest with a range of treatments and therapies.

    You can mention your interests and what you would like to experience on your stay, such as the Great Barrier Reef, helicopter tours, guided birdwatching, crocodile tours on the Daintree River, or rainforest walks and have a personalised package designed for you to make the most of the region.

  12. The Coral Expeditions Great Barrier Reef Cruise

    Coral Expeditions - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    For a fantastic cruise of the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy the Coral Expeditions’ 7-days Outerknown Adventures for the Great Barrier Reef tour.

    Departing and returning from Cairns in northern Queensland, explore the incredible Great Barrier Reef, which covers an area of over 2,300 km including over 900 islands.

    Voyage to the remote and untouched areas of the northern reefs. Visit uninhabited coral cays, small islands, hidden areas, and pristine reef systems.

    Visit Cooktown and learn about indigenous culture and Australian heritage, dive and snorkel at the Osprey and Ribbon Reefs, which are areas famous for the diversity of wildlife. You will find many colorful fish, corals, rays, sharks, and turtles. You will also have a guided walk of Lizard Island and relax at the secluded Sudbury Cay.

    Expert guides, including a marine biologist, will accompany you on tours and the ship is equipped with small expedition vessels for exploration.

    Enjoy delicious freshly prepared cuisine made from high-quality local ingredients accompanied with a selection of beers and wines.

    Enjoy guided snorkeling and dive excursions to explore the incredible marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.

  13. The Great White Shark Experience

    Great White Shark Experience - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    Offered as a full day experience, on the Calypso Star Charters Tour from Port Lincoln have an up close experience of the iconic great white sharks.

    Head out aboard the MV Calypso Star 2 the best areas to find the sharks. The journey takes around 2.5 hours and the vessel is often accompanied by pods of dolphins enroute. You also have the chance of spotting the occasional whale during the migration months.

    The friendly crew will then provide information on the journey about the marine life, fishing industry, and the region.

    On arrival, you will enter the spacious shark cage for shark observation from under the water. Even on the vessel you can see the sharks and watch their behaviour. Note that no diving experience is required. The experience has Advanced Eco Certification and all guided are Eco Certified.

    You will be served breakfast, morning-tea, lunch and afternoon-tea included in the package. Filtered water, tea, and coffee will also be available.

  14. The Swell Lodge Tour for Christmas Island

    Swell Lodge - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    The Swell Lodge provides a comfortable base to explore the fantastic Christmas Island for a relaxing stay at your eco-chalet. Each of the chalets is accessed by it’s own private 80m walking trail through the rainforest. Even on the walk, enjoy seeing many different birds and pass the famous Christmas Island crabs.

    Your private eco-chalet offers beautiful ocean views through the floor-to-ceiling windows, a luxurious king-sized bed, glass sculptures, a spacious Italian-tiled en-suite bathroom, and a private deck for even more connection to the island.

    On the oceanfront deck, enjoy delicious 3-course meals prepared by the lodge’s Michelin stared chef using gourmet fresh and locally sourced ingredients. You will then enjoy delicious breakfasts in the morning and picnic lunches as part of your guided activities.

    Enjoy daily guided tours customised to your interests and abilities. Friendly knowledgeable guides will take you on different walks to show you diversity of the island.

    The island is home to a fantastic amount of birdlife, including nests of the critically endangered Abbott’s booby, two of Australia’s rarest raptors, and the golden bosun with its long ornate tail.

    You can also enjoy snorkelling or diving on the island to spot an incredible diversity of marine life, including dolphins, turtles, giant trevally, clownfish, clams, and even shipwrecks and drop-offs. Whale sharks and manta rays can also be found in the right season.

    The most famous inhabitants are the 40 million red crabs, which can be found year-round on the rainforest floor. The rainy season is the best time to visit. This is when you can witness the famous migration, as crabs move across the island and down to the coast to spawn.

  15. Great Barrier Reef Diving Tour on Liveaboard Vessel

    Liveaboard - Wildlife Tours, Australia

    For a diving tour of the Great Barrier Reef for the best experience of underwater life and to explore this famous region, enjoy a Mike Ball Dive Expeditions Great Barrier Reef Tour.

    There are different tours on offer to explore various areas of the reef aboard the award-winning and custom built Spoilsport vessel.

    Enjoy simple, comfortable cabins, and delicious freshly prepared meals as part of your dive adventure.

    You will have many dives each day to explore different areas for breathtaking wildlife.

    For an example, on the 4-night Cod Hole & Ribbon Reefs Expedition you will visit:

    • The Continental Shelf
    • Ribbon Reefs to see an impressive diversity of colorful fish and corals
    • Cod Hole to swim with human sized potato cod
    • Lighthouse Bommie
    • Gotham City
    • Pixie Pinnacle
    • Coral Kingdom
    • Cracker Jack
    • Flare Point
    • Summer Bay
    • Steve’s Bommie

    Explore the Lizard and North Direction Island where you can dive, snorkel, kayak, and walk the island.

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