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Governors Camp Lions

The Masai Mara is Kenya’s answer to Africa’s incredible grasslands that have graced the imaginations of nature lovers the world over. This is where giraffes roam the plains with elephants, buffalo, rhinos, lions, and cheetah, which are accompanied at certain times of the year by vast herds of wildebeest and zebra.

Continuous with Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, this is the location of the famous migration where millions of wildebeest, zebra and antelope cycle the area following the rains and the lushest green grasses. This much anticipated event happens between mid-June and early August attracting tourists and wildlife filmmakers from all over the world. Because of this, the area can seem crowded and camps get quickly booked full. Fortunately, the Masai Mara is a wonderful place to visit year round.

There is much more to the Masai Mara than the migration, for example the lions, cheetah, hyenas, rhinos, and elephants can be found throughout the year. Hippos and crocodiles frequent the Mara River and large animals dot the landscape. Because of this, you can still enjoy Masai Mara Safari Camps in the low season.

Because of the many camps and tourists visiting the Mara, and the problems brought by mis-managed tourism, ensure the Masai Mara Safari Camps you visit provides a responsible take on tourism. Make sure the camp provides correct waste management, involving the local Masai community in the operation, and infrastructure that doesn’t affect the local wildlife in a negative manner, such as no electric fences etc.

Private Governors Camp, Masai Mara

We have selected some of the best camps on the Masai Mara to make this easy for you. The following camps have a zero waste policy where waste is sorted, separated and all recyclable material is then processed for recycling. Their fossil fuel use is also minimised by using recycled fuel to power hot water systems, and the camps have been awarded a Silver Eco Rating from Eco-Tourism Kenya due to sustainable tourism practices.

Hot Air Ballooning safari, Masai Mara

From the following camps, you can enjoy game viewing from specifically designed Land Rovers. These safaris provide some of the best animal sightings and photographic opportunities on the Masai Mara in the top areas for wildlife.

As an additional activity, from these camps you can get a new perspective on the Mara by floating among the clouds in hot air balloon to see the scattering of African wildlife. For those who want to experience the wildebeest migration, the following camps are in prime locations for seeing the animals, which occurs sometime between July and October.

Little Governors Camp, Masai Mara

As well as wildlife, you can meet the Masai community of Mara Rianda to learn about a culture that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. Involving the communities with a number of projects to benefit the Masai, the following camps also employ Masai trackers who will accompany you on some safaris.

Governor’s Camp

Governor’s Camp is one of the original camps on the Masai Mara and one of the largest. It was reserved for Kenya’s colonial governors to enjoy this fantastic place and was strategically positioned in the heart of the Masai Mara for the best wildlife experiences. Now you can enjoy this fantastic camp for easy sightings of bird-life, hippos and crocodiles near the camp and scheduled safaris to see incredible wildlife. The camps has very good family services including specific family camps making this a great choice for a family African safari.

Little Governors Camp

Offering a fantastic alternative to Governor’s Camp for those who want a little more privacy, Little Governors Camp provides just 17 luxury tents, complete with ensuite, surrounding a large watering hole attractive for Masai Mara animals. Because of the free-flowing nature of the camp and desire to not obstruct wildlife too much, guests are sometimes required to make way for a curious elephant which likes to investigate the camp, coincidentally at lunch time… As well as wildlife experiences, guests can look forward to cultural interactions with the Masai and an extra activity of hot ballooning over the mara.

Little Governors Camp, Masai Mara

Il Moran Camp

Il Moran Camp offers a little more exclusivity on the Masai Mara. Featuring large and spacious tents, the camp is located near a forest with abundant birdlife and near the river for sightings of hippos and other animals. The Il Moran Camp is composed of just 10 large tents complete with en-suite and Victorian style baths. Enjoy dining near the river watching the wildlife of the mara.

IL Moran Camp, Masai Mara

On tours, you can head out on a number of itinerary options, such as 4×4 Game Viewing, Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Masai Cultural Visits, Lake Victoria Day Trips, Great Wildebeest Migration viewing, Spa Treatment At Camp, or specialist options like Ornithology, Bush Breakfasts, Bush Dinners and Sundowners.

The IL Moran Camp

The IL Moran Camp

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
Price per person from $
Offered as a more private and intimate experience of the Masai Mara, Il Moran Camp is widely conside More info

Governors Private Camp

Of the camps mentioned, as the name suggests the Private Governors Camp is the most exclusive and should be the option if you would would like the most privacy while on the Mara. Governors Private Camp is often booked entirely by one family or group at a time. The Governors Private Camp location has been chosen in an area where animals come to drink. Elephants frequently bring their calves, hippos relax in the shallows, and beautiful birds, such as nesting hornbills, trogans and turacos can be seen near the camp. You will enjoy the Masai Mara’s very best guides and trackers, and personalised service.

Private Governors Camp, Masai Mara

For more information, you can visit the Governors Camp website.

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