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Guatemala Tours

Guatemala sits in Central America and touches both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean coast. A fantastic tropical getaway, enjoy the many sights and experiences Guatemala has to offer. You can base yourself from a variety of lodges, hotels and resorts that offer guided tours to the many sights.

There are some fantastic things to see and experience in Guatemala. These include the remains of the Mayan civilization, historic areas of Antigua city, the beautiful Lake Atitlán, and the impressive wildlife-rich rainforest. Even the word Guatemala means ‘place of many trees’ and you can enjoy guided nature walks to see some fantastic animals and plants.

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First, here’s a brief introduction to a few of Guatemala’s attractions.

Tikal is the most famous ruin of the Mayan civilization and is an ancient city positioned in the rainforest of Guatemala. This is one of the largest and favorite attractions of the Mayan civilization.

Aguateca is another Mayan city ruin occupied from 200 BCE and was rapidly abandoned after an attack. The city of Aguateca is regarded as having some of the best preserved Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

The area of Uaxactun was a sacred site to the Maya and is nearby the famous ruins of Tikal. This is another ruined city with many ceremonial buildings and was possibly an important astrological area for the Maya.

Guatemala is fortunate to contain a significant amount of undisturbed rainforest. This is most notably in the Petén region, which is also home to the incredible Maya Biosphere Reserve. This covers 5.2 million acres (2.1-million hectares) of tropical and wildlife-rich forest. The rainforest also surrounds the many Mayan ruins mentioned above, such as Tikal, El Mirador, Uaxactún, and Yaxhá.

Antigua Guatemala is a city in Guatemala’s highlands and offers a fantastic historic city with examples of Spanish Baroque architecture. There are also different colonial Spanish churches to see. Because of its historical significance, the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lake Atitlán
Named ‘the most beautiful lake in the world’ by the famous explorer Alexander von Humboldt, Lake Atitlán sits in a volcanic crater in Guatemala’s highlands. The lake is surrounded by different boutique hotels that provide incredible lakeside views for incredible scenery of the surrounding volcanic hills. The Atitlán Nature Reserve then offers different trails around the lake, which are best done with a guide.

The following lodges and hotels offer a fantastic place to stay and each offers tours and activities to make the most of Guatemala’s attractions.

Here, we will provide recommended accommodation options that offer guided tours to make the most of Guatemala.

  1. The Nitun Eco Lodge

    The Nitun Lodge - Top Guatemala Tours

    The Nitun Eco Lodge is a great choice to experience Guatemala’s rainforest and wildlife. From the lodge, explore the 50 acre Nitun Private Reserve to enjoy wildlife-filled forest and a large, beautiful lake.

    The Nitun Lodge itself is composed of 4 spacious and comfortable cabins that surround a two-story main building with the open-air restaurant, kitchen and social areas. All of the cabins are positioned right in the forest to keep incredible nature experiences right at your doorstep.

    The accommodation and tours are highly regarded by visitors, but another part of the experience frequently praised by guests is the food. Meals at the Nitun Lodge are a favorite part of the experience with creative dishes prepared each day with locally sourced ingredients.

    From the lodge, enjoy fantastic private or group tours with local guides to enjoy nature and some of the country’s most famous attractions. Enjoy archaeology, culture, nature or specific birdwatching tours. There is also ziplining and other active options available. On guided tours in the forest, you can see howler monkeys, spider monkeys and many tropical birds.

  2. The Jungle Lodge Tikal

    The Jungle Lodge Tikal - Top Guatemala Tours

    The Jungle Lodge Tikal grew from the early research camps used to study the Mayan city. The Jungle Lodge is focused on TIkal with guided tours to discover this incredible region and one of the most significant cities in the Mayan Civilization.

    The Lodge offers 49 rooms and suites providing a comfortable base for your exploration.

    Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared dishes with different local and international favorites on offer. The dishes are prepared by our Master Chef and each meal is influenced by the location and region’s history.

    When relaxing back at the lodge, enjoy the swimming pool, games room or social areas. You can also enjoy a cocktail in the lodge bar.

    To make the most of your experience, there are different package options to make the most of Tikal and the lodge. There are also different walks to enjoy combining incredible ruins with nature and the rainforest. See the different rainforest monkeys and colorful birds before finding the Mayan temples.

  3. Bolontiku Hotel

    The Bolontiku Hotel - Top Guatemala Tours

    Nestled on the shore of the beautiful Lake Itzá, enjoy a balance of nature and comfort with a contemporary design.

    Enjoy delicious cuisine inspired by the Maya with international favorites on offer creating a fantastic mix of exotic flavors. All meals are made from fresh organic fruits and vegetables sourced from the region.

    Choose from different suite options and enjoy the relaxation areas. You can also choose to schedule a massage to fully relax in nature.

    Enjoy the pool, restaurant, bar, lounge & bistro, heliport for two helicopters, small spa, many walking trails and birdwatching tours.

    You can arrange guided tours with the lodge to explore Tikal, Aguateca, Uaxactun, the Crater Azul, or to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  4. La Lancha Lodge

    La Lancha Lodge - Top Guatemala Tours

    La Lancha Lodge sits in the rainforest of Guatemala on the shore of Lago Petén Itza and is only a 45-minute drive from the magnificent Maya ruins of Tikal and the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

    The location of the lodge is perfect to experience the ancient Maya civilization. Enjoy touring the famous Mayan attractions, such as Tikal, Uxactun, Yaxhá, Topoxte, Nakum, Dos Pilas, Aguateca, and Seibal all on a day tour from the lodge. You can then access other sites by helicopter, including El Mirador, Dos Pilas, El Perú, and Cancuén.

    You can also enjoy a variety of other activities, such as horse riding, trail walks in the jungle and exploring the Lago Petén Itzá itself by boat or kayak.

    Choose from a variety of accommodation options, including the Rainforest Casitas with queen-size beds and a comfortable private bathroom. The lodge also offer lakeview suites with a king-size bed and full bathroom and a separate living room. There are also Junior Suites offering a king-size bed, living area with sleeper sofa, full bathroom with shower and dual shower heads, and a wooden deck.

    The lodge restaurant provides beautiful views of the lake and surrounding rainforest while you enjoy delicious cuisine. The lodge offers authentic Guatemalan dishes, such as Chilaquiles and grilled beef tenderloin served with chiltepe peppercorn sauce. Of an evening, you can also relax in the lodge bar for fantastic lake views and a cocktail or refreshing local beer.

    Choose from different tours available to explore the Mayan ruins, including Tikal, Yaxhá, and Topoxte, Uaxactún, Seibal, and Aguateca.

  5. Laguna Lodge

    Laguna Lodge - Top Guatemala Tours

    The Laguna Lodge sits on the beautiful Lake Atitlan to provide a very comfortable experience with beautiful lake views. Enjoy dramatic lake views of shimmering waters and the volcanoes in the background.

    Your elegantly designed accommodation offers comfortable hand hewn king beds, fine linens, intricate woven textiles and indigenous antiques.

    Choose from a variety of accommodation options, including the Jaguar suite with king bed, large wrought iron chandelier, fine linen, artwork, en-suite and balcony. The Quetzal suite then offers a hand hewn wooden bed, wrought iron chandelier, fine linens, artifacts, artwork, en-suite and balcony. The Tecun Uman Suite has adobe walls and wooden floors, hand hewn wooden king bed, fine linen, wrought iron wall sconces, artwork, an exposed pole ceiling, en-suite and balcony.

    Meals are served in the award-winning Zotz restaurant with the restaurant’s elegant and romantic ambience. Enjoy rich, delicious and flavorful meat-free cuisine with fresh organic vegetables, greens, herbs and eggs

    When not on tours, you can also relax in the spa pool or have a relaxing treatment in the Hummingbird Spa.

    There are many activities on offer to enjoy, including cultural visits, guided nature walks, and kayaking the lake. Enjoy hiking the volcanic Sierra Madre mountains, horse riding, birding, exploring the Atitlan nature reserve and more.

  6. La Lagunas Boutique Hotel

    La Lagunas Lodge - Top Guatemala Tours

    La Lagunas Boutique Hotel sits in a private reserve and is a perfect place to explore the Guatemalan rainforest. From the lodge, enjoy different activities such as trekking, bird watching trails, kayaking and ATV rides.

    Your meals are enjoyed in the hotel’s Shultun restaurant while appreciating the beautiful view of the lake. Gourmet meals are prepared by talented kitchen staff with regional influences and international favorites. You can then enjoy a wine or cocktail of an evening in the bar.

    Your comfortable accommodation will be one of the 19 spacious suites, which offer lagoon or rainforest views, private bathroom, hot water, phone, cable TV and internet. Choose from the Regular Suites, Master Suites, or Waterfront Mater Suites.

    The hotel is a great place to explore the surrounding region. Enjoy different tours organized with the 24-hour front desk to the many different attractions, such as the famous Mayan tourist sights of Tikal and Ceibal, kayaking, and ATV rides.

    When not on tours, enjoy relaxing back at the hotel with a massage, aromatherapy or relaxation treatment in the hotel’s spa

    To make the experience a little more fluid and to make the most of your time here, you can choose from different package options designed to focus on what you would like from the experience. Choose from relaxation packages, discovery or focus on the jungle. Note that the hotel was voted as one of the best honeymoon spots in the region.

  7. Hacienda Tijax

    Hacienda Tijax - Top Guatemala Tours

    The Hacienda Tijax provides a great base to enjoy Guatemala’s wildlife with its own 400+ acre nature reserve. Enjoy relaxing at the lodge pool, enjoy comfortable accommodation and enjoy a variety of activities. The include jungle hikes, horse riding, and kayaking.

    There are different accommodation options to choose from, including more budget options with a shared bathroom and private cabins with air conditioning. There are also family cabins with a small kitchen that can accommodate large families or groups.

    In the lodge restaurant, enjoy delicious meals from a varied menu. There are vegetarian dishes on offer, international favorites, pastas, and fresh and seasonal seafood.

    Activities at the lodge include kayaking the calm waters of the Rio Dulce and jungle area of Leon Creek to find different wildlife, including howler monkeys. There are also walks to see beautiful waterfalls.

    Enjoy a boat tour along the Rio Dulce to voyage down narrow creeks with lime-stone walls, overhanging rainforest trees, and see many colorful birds and butterflies.

  8. Casa Palopo

    Casa Palopo - Top Guatemala Tours

    At the Casa Palopo, enjoy comfortable accommodation, eco-friendly activities and personalized service.

    There are seven spacious suites to choose from, which are decorated with contemporary and indigenous Guatemalan artwork. There are many beautiful and interesting antiques and bright stucco walls.

    Choose from different accommodation options. Each offers spacious and comfortable rooms with a private bathroom. There is also a private villa to choose with comfortable rooms, views of the lake and mountains, and an exclusive heated infinity pool.

    Enjoy Guatemalan-inspired dishes prepared by the talented Chef Yonatan Gómez with international influences.

    From the Casa Palopo, you can also arrange cultural tours and guided walks around Lake Atitlán and to visit surrounding towns or Mayan handicraft shops for souvenir shopping.

  9. The Posada de Santiago

    Posada de Santiago - Top Guatemala Tours

    There are nineteen accommodation options, including six similar stone cottages with tropical gardens and hammocks. The rooms offer WiFi, a fireplace, and private bathrooms with hot water. There are also different suites and rooms to choose with comfortable beds, private bathrooms and beautiful views.

    Enjoy the Posada de Santiago restaurant which serves delicious meals made with fresh ingredients. The bread is baked fresh each day and all pastries, sauces and jams are made onsite. Even coffee is roasted onsite. The restaurant is also regarded as a top place to eat even for visitors not staying at the Posada itself.

    The hotel offers enjoyable facilities when you’re not out exploring the surroundings. Enjoy the lakeside pool, sauna, hot tub or simply relax in the hammocks with a book or cocktail.

    You can also use the hotel’s canoes, kayaks and paddle boats to explore the lake. If you would like to explore, you can also enjoy guided tours, such as lake tours, guided visits to surrounding towns and villages, experience the Tz’utujil culture, birding, and guided hikes.

  10. Posada de San Carlos

    Posada de San Carlos - Top Guatemala Tours

    The Posada de San Carlos offers a comfortable base to explore the region. Enjoy guided hikes, city tours and have easy access to different bars and restaurants. There are 10 rooms in total, which all come with private bathrooms, hot water, 32 inch LED TVs, and high speed Wifi access.

    The hotel also offers the family room, which can accommodate up to 6 people and is a great option for family or group.

    Enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant and relax in the tropical garden or terrace. There is also a bar to relax with a drink in the evening while planning your next day’s adventure.

    The hotel is just one block from the Central Park and is very well placed between the city’s own archaeological sights. The staff can help plan tours and arrange your transportation

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