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Amazon Villa - Tambopata Luxury Lodge

A great choice for a Tambopata luxury lodge in Peru’s southern Amazon Rainforest is the Amazon Villa, which is located in the buffer zone of Tambopata National Reserve and surrounded by an incredible diversity of animals and plants.

The Amazon Villa offers a premium experience of the rainforest with exclusive use of the villa in private service. The Amazon Villa is within reach of beautiful and wildlife-filled Amazonian lakes, a canopy tower, one of the largest macaw clay licks in the rainforest, and many rainforest trails through the forest to scout for animals and plants.

From the Amazon Villa, you can enjoy your choice of activities in the surrounding rainforest or simply relax in seclusion in the middle of the Tambopata Amazon. The private bungalow means you can explore the rainforest in your own time and customize your experience to your liking. The tour provides the perfect balance of privacy, amenities, and activities in the jungle.

Spider Monkeys - Tambopata Luxury

The Amazon Villa is surrounded with beautiful rainforest and offers views of the garden and primary rainforest from the comfort of the bungalow. You can enjoy romantic dinners or visit the nearby Refugio Amazonas Lodge if you want to socialize on some evenings. As you eat your food by the Amazon Villa, you can watch different parrots and toucans flying overhead.

Your Amazon Villa experience begins when you’re collected from the airport at Puerto Maldonado in private service and escorted to the Amazon Villa in the buffer zone of Tambopata National Reserve and doesn’t end until you’re escorted back to the airport after your stay in the rainforest.

Clay Lick - Tambopata Luxury

The Amazon Villa is especially suited to romantic vacations, honeymoons, artists, writers, people needing to do some work who also want to experience the rainforest, or anyone wanting a bit more privacy in the jungle.

Although you have exclusive use of the villa, private service, and delicious meals, there is no compromise on your experience in the rainforest. You can choose from a range of activities in the rainforest to find incredible Amazon Rainforest animals and plants. You can even choose to visit one of the largest macaw clay licks in the Amazon Rainforest to see hundreds of macaws gathered at the clay where they obtain different salts and clay to neutralize toxins in unripe fruits and seeds.

Exploring - Tambopata Luxury

From the Amazon Villa, you can also experience a tall canopy tower overlooking the rainforest where you’re likely to spot different species, such as toucans and parrots. The canopy tower is around 30-meters tall and offers incredible photography opportunities.

You can enjoy cultural visits at the Amazon Villa and can choose to visit a working jungle farm and a Brazil nut concession to see how locals live in rainforest. At the farm, enjoy sampling different rainforest fruits and see the different medicinal plants, which are still used by local communities.

Amazon Villa - Tambopata Luxury

You can also explore the Lake Condenado on a catamaran to see different lake-living wildlife, such as different birds like hoatzins, cormorants, horned screamers, and also caiman crocodilians.

Enjoy guided tours in the rainforest to see different monkeys, such as howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, capuchins, titi monkeys, and tamarins. You will also spot different bird species on the branches or flying over the rainforest.

Canopy Tower - Tambopata Luxury

In addition to exploring the rainforest on lake visits, boats, and rainforest walks you can also enjoy other activities, including canopy climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking the waterways.

One of the favorite activities aside from the rainforest walks is kayaking. The rivers are the roads of the rainforest and kayaking is a great way to move up and down the waterways without disturbing the wildlife. We often see caimans, herons, macaws, and other wildlife while padding down the river systems.

Canopy Climbing - Tambopata Luxury

As you gaze up at the trees, you may want to get a closer perspective and one of the other activities offered is canopy climbing. Your trained guide will fit you with a harness and you can hoist yourself up into the trees. This is where scientists have found entirely new sets of forest animals and have exploded the total species estimates for tropical forests.

After your adventures in the surrounding rainforest, relax at your Amazon Villa then enjoy delicious cuisine. You can have a private BBQ prepared on the villa porch, enjoy a sunset cruise on the nearby lake, or ask to enjoy the canopy tower in private.

To see a different set of animals, you can explore the rainforest on a jungle night walk when nocturnal primates, frogs, and different reptiles make an appearance. Most of the amphibians and mammals in the Amazon come out at this time.

Capuchin - Tambopata Luxury

If you’re interested in exploring more oxbow lakes, guests at the Amazon Villa have exclusive access to Lago Sachavacayoc. This is a big waterbody in the middle of the rainforest and you can spend a full day around the lake. Enjoy a picnic lunch and explore the area for many different birds and other animals.

The Amazon Villa Description

The Amazon Villa is a private bungalow surrounded by Tambopata Rainforest. The villa has hardwood flooring and is styled in a traditional manner by the local artisans of the Ese-Eja community.

Your suite features a luxuriously comfortable king-sized bed with high quality linen, a large closet, two hammocks to relax in the jungle, soft towels, and three hypoallergenic pillows for each person.

Amazon Villa - Tambopata Luxury

Your personal bathroom has hot running water and a bathtub, a rarity for rainforest lodges, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath after your day exploring the Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon Villa also has a dining room where you can eat your delicious meals, which was specifically places to offer a fantastic view of the rainforest. There is also your porch and BBQ to use on some evenings.

Amazon Villa Hammock - Tambopata Luxury

You will also have use of the villa’s desk to do some writing, painting, or to catch up on some work while deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Internet is then provided via satellite so you can also keep in contact with friends and family to share your experience. There is also a 40-inch flat screen television to watch nature documentaries, so you can have the comforts of home in the jungle.

Amazon Villa - Tambopata Luxury

Electricity is provided for you throughout the day and you have a ceiling fan to keep you comfortable plus a refrigerator, microwave, safe, rechargeable flashlight, binoculars, and a courtesy bottle of white wine to welcome you to your jungle home. To observe the incredible Milky Way over the rainforest, you can also use the telescope.

Amazon Villa Lounge - Tambopata Luxury

Although offering privacy in the rainforest, you Amazon Villa is in daily contact with the main office in Puerto Maldonado with internet, satellite phone and hf radio and the internet is fast enough for sending emails and images, but isn’t strong enough for video calls.

After your arrival, you will be given a pair of rubber boots that you will use for your adventures in the Amazon. Not only keeping you clean and dry, the boots will also keep your feet safe.

You can reach the gateway town of Puerto Maldonado on a short flight from Cusco or Lima and will be collected by Amazon Villa staff at the airport. Because the Amazon Villa is deep within the Tambopata Rainforest, the journey to the lodge takes around 4 hours down the Tambopata River and you’re sure to see some interesting wildlife enroute, such as cranes, cormorants, toucans, and turtles.

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