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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an independent nation located across the eastern half of the Island of New Guinea, which you can find about 150km northeast of Australia. The region has an incredible amount of cultural diversity with around 800 different languages.

The wildlife Of Papua New Guinea is also exceptional with many different animals and plants to find, including the famous and iconic birds of paradise. Enjoy many different activities, including diving wildlife-rich reefs, rainforest treks, wildlife tours, cultural visits, and island hopping between the 600 or so uninhabited islands.

So let’s get started with The Top 5 Papua New Guinea Tours.

  1. The True North Adventure in Paradise Cruise

    The Rabaul Volcano, New Guinea

    Enjoy a fantastic 10 night cruise to explore the islands and coastline of Papua New Guinea from the Bismark Sea to the Louisiade Archipelago.

    Voyage through the stunning tropical landscape to explore wildlife-filled reefs and islands, fly in a helicopter over the active volcano at Rabaul and the surava memorial on the famous Kokoda Track, and enjoy guided tours to see a diversity of animals and plants, including hornbills, colourful parrots, and the famous birds of paradise. Enjoy swimming with manta rays and other marine life and a drink on your own private beach.

    You will also meet friendly locals as you walk local villages, enjoy incredible scenery, and find the relics from World War II. See the remains of tanks and ships on snorkelling expeditions around the coastal waters for the eerie reminders of the world conflict.

    Aboard the True North vessel, enjoy comfortable suites and modern Australian cuisine in the dining room, as well as the onboard helicopter for exploration flights.

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    The Adventure in Paradise Cruise

    Cairns, Australia

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  2. The Coral Expeditions Cruise

    Coral Expeditions

    Aboard the Coral Geographer Cruise, explore the Papua New Guinea coast and tropical islands on a choice of Coral Expeditions itineraries.

    The Coral Geographer is a comfortable small-ship vessel with all outside-facing cabins with en-suite bathrooms, a comfortable dining room, bar, small library, and a well-equipped gym.

    In the dining room, enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast and lunch, and multi-course table d’hote dinners made with Australian and local ingredients. You can accompany your meal with a wine from the vessel’s curated wine cellar.

    There are also trademark Xplorer tenders for exploration, six zodiacs for more intrepid exploration, and a lecture lounge for presentations.

    Visit the different islands and experience the diversity of Papua New Guinea’s tribal cultures offering one of the world’s most diverse regions for culture and language. See traditional canoe building techniques, snorkel to find the remains of ships of the Japanese fleet from World War II, and enjoy finding an abundance of colorful fish and marine life.

    Explore the Bismarck Archipelago and Louisiade Archipelago with the many beautiful islands, beaches, and cultures.

    There are different itineraries to choose to explore this incredible region, such as the Forgotten Islands of Papua New Guinea cruise and the Frontier Lands of Papua New Guinea itinerary.

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    The Coral Expeditions Cruise

    Darwin, Australia

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  3. The Rondon Ridge Lodge

    Rondon Ridge Lodge

    Offering a top lodge choice on mainland Papua New Guinea, the Rondon Ridge Lodge on the outer fringes of the Kubor Range in the Papua New Guinea highlands offers fantastic views of the valley and city below.

    You will the meet the Melpa People to learn about their traditions and culture of a society first known to the outside world in the 1930s. The Melpa are a farming community with a complex society and use traditional farming methods that can be traced back 9,000 years.

    Surrounding the lodge are also different trails through the pristine rainforest where you can find different animals and plants, including several orchid species. The bird life is also incredible with hundreds of species to find, which includes ten species of the iconic birds of paradise.

    Your accommodation at Rondon Ridge will be in one of the 24 comfortable cabins, which each feature en-suite bathrooms.

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    The Rondon Ridge Lodge

    Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

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  4. The Kokoda Trek

    Kokoda, Papua New Guinea

    The Kokoda Trek is a historical trail between the Owers’ Corner and the village of Kokoda across very rugged terrain, which is a common feature of New Guinea and what caused the incredible diversity of cultures, languages and wildlife.

    The very challenging trek is of historical significance as it played a central role in the 1942 Allied battle against the Japanese during World War II.

    This tour is offered to guests who want the physical challenge of the Kokoda trail led by expert guides across the original wartime route. The tour leaders have been leading the treks for over 10 years and are respected by the Koiari and Orokaiva clan leaders from the local communities in the Kokoda region.

    On the Adventure Kokoda tour, you can choose the 8-day or 10-day experience, which includes visits to the Myola lakes.

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    The Kokoda Trek

    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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  5. The Walindi Resort

    Parrot, Papua New Guinea

    The Walindi Plantation Resort is a comfortable resort on New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea

    The resort is composed of 20 comfortable units and offers a choice of the premium Bungalows or standard Plantation House Rooms.

    The individual bungalows are positioned along the beachfront and are influenced from a traditional style. They offer comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, a work desk, and your private verandah. The Plantation House Rooms are then smaller with similar features and are built in a unit of four rooms with a shared verandah.

    There is also the tropical reception area, the lounge and bar area, Casuarina Restaurant, swimming pool, sundeck, Blue Taro Boutique, and a comprehensive reference library. In the restaurant, enjoy a mix of Asian and Western dishes freshly prepared using local ingredients where possible, including local seafoods, beef, fruits and vegetables.

    Enjoy exploring the region on island tours for wildlife, village visits, volcano climbing, as well as taking advantage of the day dive boats and links with two liveaboard dive vessels. Enjoy scuba diving the wildlife-rich Kimbe Bay to see colorful fish and the many different corals.

    There are some fantastic wildlife and birdwatching opportunities on the island. The region is home to many endemic species found nowhere else. Enjoy tours to find the Golden Masked Owl, New Britain Pitta, Nicobar Pigeon, Blue-Eyed Cockatoo, 9 different kingfishers, including the Black-Headed Paradise Kingfisher, and 20 different pigeons and doves.

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    The Walindi Resort

    New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea

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