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The Manu National Park Tented Camp, also known as the Albergue Machiguenga, offers a low-impact lodge in the reserved zone of Manu National Park. Accessed from Cusco or Puerto Maldonado, depending on your itinerary (see below), Manu is the largest national park in Peru and protects one of the world’s highest levels of animals and plants. From the Andean cloud forest to the Amazon’s humid lowland rainforest, the Manu National Park protects around 1000 different birds, hundreds of different mammals, including giant otters, jaguar, puma, sloths and tapir, and a multitude of interesting reptiles, frogs, and butterflies.

Because of Manu National Park protection status, visitors are not permitted in the vast majority of the national park itself but are permitted in a buffer zone one the boundary called the reserved zone. The Manu National Park covers around 1.5 million hectares and the Manu Reserved Zone then covers 260,000 hectares. The reserved zone contains some of the most attractive lakes in the Manu region and fantastic trails to see incredible wildlife.

The Manu National Park Camp is positioned in Manu’s Reserved Zone near a trail to Lake Salvador, Manu’s best wildlife viewing location. Consisting of large and spacious double-occupancy room-size tents, which have lockable doors and hardwood floors, the tents provide a comfortable and low-impact base to explore Manu’s wildlife. The camp’s design maximizes ventilation to keep you cool and the camp is raised above the floor on stilts to protect against flooding and insects.

Manu Tented Camp, Manu National Park

The beds are then fitted with mosquito nets for additional protection and the lodge is topped with a natural palm thatched roof to protect from rain. As part of the camp, you can then find the screened dining room to enjoy different dishes, and private hot-water showers and flush toilets.

You will enjoy fantastic tours in the surrounding Manu rainforest to see several different Amazon monkeys, such as capuchins, titi monkeys, howler monkeys, saki monkeys, and tamarins, giant otters in Manu’s very attractive lakes, and a very high diversity of other plants and animals.

Manu Tented Camp on the Manu Explorer from Cusco

Because of the strict policies on time in the reserved zone, which limit tourists to a few days in the park, you can visit Manu Tented Camp on a great combination tour with the Manu Wildlife Center. The lodge is located in a part of continuous rainforest with Manu National Park called the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve. Manu Wildlife Center is world renowned among nature enthusiasts worldwide and is highly praised by a number of travel and wildlife publications, such as Conde Nast Traveller.

From Manu Wildlife Center, you will enjoy tours to see one of the Amazon’s largest and most attractive macaw clay licks to see hundreds of colorful macaws, giant river otters in a beautiful oxbow lake, a high probability of seeing tapir, South America’s largest land mammal, and a diversity of monkeys. The Manu Wildlife Center also offers one of the highest chances of spotting wild jaguar in the Amazon Rainforest.

Itineraries Including the Manu National Park Tented Camp

The Manu itineraries to include Manu Tented Camp and the Manu Reserved Zone include the Manu Adventurer, Manu Explorer and the Manu Tapir and Macaw Clay Lick tour. The Manu Adventurer begins in Puerto Maldonado and focuses on the lowland tropical rainforest to stay at Manu National Park Tented Camp and the Manu Wildlife Center for Manu’s Reserved Zone and the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve.

Anaconda in the Manu National Park, Peru

Starting in Cusco, the Manu Explorer and Manu Tapir and Macaw Clay Lick tour then combine the Manu National Park Tented Camp in Manu’s Reserved Zone, the nearby Manu Wildlife Center across the river and the Cock of the Rock Lodge. The Cock of the Rock Lodge is positioned in the cloud forest of Manu high on the Andes where you can enjoy a diversity of hummingbirds, capuchin monkeys, and Peru’s national bird, the brilliantly colorful Cock of the Rock.

The Manu Adventurer

The Manu Adventurer is the program of choice to make the most of the lowland Manu region. From Puerto Maldonado, combine the highly regarded Manu Wildlife Center and the Manu Tented Camp. Enjoy visiting a large and very photogenic macaw clay lick, different lakes to enjoy viewing giant river otters in their natural habitat, and chance a sighting at the tapir clay lick so see these strange looking animals. This is also one of the best places in the Amazon for seeing wild jaguar and it’s estimated that 10% of all guests to the Manu Wildlife Center see these fantastic cats.

Manu Adventurer

Manu Adventurer

Puerto Maldonado, Peru, South America
You will have an indepth experience of the Manu lowlands by visiting the Manu Wildlife Center, which More info

The Manu Explorer

The Manu Explorer program begins in Cusco, Peru, and takes you from the highlands of Manu’s cloud forest to the humid tropical rainforest below. Enjoy exploring lush rainforest in the Andes at the Cock of the Rock cloud forest lodge then travel down the mountain range to travel deep into Manu to enjoy a stay at the Manu Tented Camp to explore Manu National Park’s reserved zone. Here you will tour Lake Salvador, Manu’s most attractive oxbow lake, to see giant river otters and other wildlife. In the surrounding rainforest, we will find several different monkeys and a wide diversity of other forest wildlife. After this, enjoy a tour from Manu Wildlife Center to enjoy giant river otters, a high chance of spotting wild tapir, and a very large macaw clay lick.

Manu Explorer

Manu Explorer

Cusco, Amazon Rainforest, Peru, South America
Price per person from $
Regarded as one of the most fascinating nature tours in South America, you will travel to the Cloud More info

The Tapir and Macaw Clay Lick Tour

Combining the cloud forest’s Cock of the Rock Lodge and both the Manu Tented Camp and Manu Wildlife Center, this tour offers a similar experience to the Manu Explorer above but with a little more time in the rainforest to stand the best chance of seeing incredible wildlife. On this tour you can enjoy hummingbirds, capuchins, and the cock of the rock in Manu’s cloud forest, oxbow lakes with giant otters and several different monkeys then visit the Manu Wildlife Center. Here you will stand a chance of fantastic wildlife sightings, including one of the largest macaws clay licks, many different monkeys in the surrounding rainforest, a high chance of seeing tapir at the tapir clay licks, giant otters in the nearby oxbow lake, and a 10% chance of spotting wild jaguar at the Manu Wildlife Center.

Manu Tapir & Macaws

Manu Tapir & Macaws

Cusco, Amazon Rainforest, Peru, South America
Regarded as one of the most incredible natural tours on the continent, you will visit the Andean clo More info
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