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Rainforest wiew from the Canopy Walk Tower In Sepilok, Borneo

Malaysia offers a fantastic destination to visit. Enjoy beautiful beaches, wildlife-filled national parks, and bustling cities. Malaysia is home to a diversity of different cultures creating a fascinating region with a mix of cuisine, architecture, UNESCO listed sights, and, of course, shopping opportunities. Visit the beautiful tropical islands, see the iconic orangutans of Borneo, and enjoy some incredible tours from cruises, resorts, and rainforest lodges.

So let’s get started with the Top 10 Malaysia Tour Packages.

  1. The Borneo Rainforest Lodge

    Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Malaysia

    The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is perched on the Danum Valley Conservation Area surrounded by Sabah’s tropical wilderness. The surrounding region is home to over 320 different birds and an impressive diversity of animals and plants.

    The lodge is composed of 30 individual chalets, each with their own ensuite bathrooms, as well as a dining area and spa for a massage or relaxation treatment listening to the sounds of the rainforest. In addition to the comfortable and modern rooms, enjoy 5-star service, and knowledgeable naturalist guides for you to explore the region.

    The chalets provide large, comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms, spacious decks with beautiful views of the rainforest or river, and indoor or outdoor baths. The Premium Villa and Premium Deluxe Chalet also offer an infinity or plunge pool.

    In the dining room, enjoy delicious cuisine of Asian fusion and western dishes in either the indoor or outdoor dining area with views of the Danum River. The head chef has a commitment to the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

    Each day, head out with your friendly and knowledgeable guide to explore the region. Your guide will help you spot the many different animals and plants, as well as visiting different waterfalls. In addition to the regular 3 or 4-day packages, you can also choose a specific birdwatching tour.

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    The Borneo Rainforest Lodge

    Danum Valley, Malaysia

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  2. The Datai Langkawi

    Datai Langkawi, Malaysia

    The Datai Langkawi offers a luxury experience of the Malaysian rainforest. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious cuisine, and rainforest guides to explore the surrounding region home to many colorful birds, monkeys, fascinating plants, and beautiful scenery.

    The lodge offers different accommodation options, including the Canopy Collection rooms and suites, the Rainforest Collection villas positioned inside the rainforest, and the Beach Collection villas opening onto the beach with full butler service.

    There are different dining options to choose from and many offer fantastic views of the rainforest. Enjoy meals from the award-winning restaurant offering authentic Malaysian and Thai cuisine. The breakfast restaurant is then the perfect area to watch the native hornbills. The open-air lounge offers fantastic views of the Andaman Sea while you enjoy an afternoon tea or cocktail, wine, or champagne from the bar.

    The in-house spa is by a small winding stream carefully positioned to offer the sounds and fresh scents of the Malaysian rainforest to help you fully relax as you enjoy a massage or relaxation treatment.

    From the Datai Langkawi, enjoy fascinating tours through the rainforest to see a diversity of forest life, including giant trees, colorful flowers, dusky langur monkeys, long-tailed macaques, iconic hornbills, and tokay geckos.

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    The Datai Langkawi

    Langkawi, Malaysia

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  3. The Ombak Putih – Orangutans And Dragons

    The Ombak Putih, Malaysia

    Enjoy in-depth exploration from Malaysia to Indonesia on the Ombak Putih’s incredible 12-day Orangutans and Dragons Tour from Borneo to Komodo.

    The Ombak Putih vessel offers 12 comfortable cabins with ensuites, a large salon, and a variety of covered social areas to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery enroute. Head out with your expert guide at many different points of interest throughout the voyage.

    You will start the tour in Bali where your guide will accompany you on your flight to Borneo. After your flight, you will meet your local rainforest guide. You will then be escorted to the river boat for your journey through Borneo’s rainforest. Visit local villages and have many different wildlife experiences.

    Visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation to see the conservation work the foundation is doing and take a motorized canoe down the river to observe the orangutans.

    After this, head to a traditional Dayak village to learn of traditional Borneo culture, including ceremonies, foods, and day-to-day living in the rainforest.

    You will then journey to Bali aboard the Ombak Putih to enjoy local attractions, rice terraces, and volcanic scenery before visiting the beautiful Gili Islands to some world-famous snorkeling opportunities as well as different cultural experiences.

    Visit Saleh Bay to swim with the giant whale sharks, snorkel the coral reef to see many colorful fish and other marine wildlife, and then visit a volcanic island.

    You will now journey to the famous Komodo National Park. Enjoy snorkeling and kayaking on the reef around Gili Lawa Darat Island, swim with iconic manta rays, and then visit the beautiful Rinca Island.

    You will head out on a guided trek of Rinca Island in search of the island’s famous komodo dragons. You will also spot monkeys, many different birds, buffalo, and deer. Have a BBQ on the beach before visiting a traditional village and your flight to Bali.

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    The Ombak Putih

    Bali, Indonesia

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  4. The Gaya Island Resort

    Gaya Island Resort, Malaysia

    The Gaya Island Resort offers a very comfortable experience of Malaysia’s Malohom Bay within the protected Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and is surrounded by wildlife-filled rainforest, coral reef, and beautiful sandy coast.

    The resort offers a variety of hillside villas with views of the mangrove forests and Mount Kinabalu. The eco-luxury villas provide modern comfort respectful of local tradition and culture. Each villa offers comfortable beds, a writing desk, a spacious ensuite bathroom, and an outdoor verandah.

    Skilled chefs prepare delicious cuisine including regional dishes and fresh seafood. You can enjoy your meals at the comfortable resort restaurants, on your personal verandah, as a picnic-style in your chosen area, or on the beach for a barbecue.

    The pool bar and lounge then provide a fantastic place to relax with a drink enjoying the natural light, infinity pool, and beautiful sunsets over Mount Kinabalu.

    There are many different activities to enjoy from the Gaya Island Resort, including PADI snorkelling and dive programs. Explore the Coral Triangle with an impressive level of biodiversity and 25 fantastic dive spots.

    The resort also offers guided nature walks through the reserve to find many different animals and plants. The resident naturalist will point out different species and tell you a little about the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

    You can also visit the resort’s marine center with its focus on turtle rescue, coral reef restoration, and conservation through education.

    After your activities, you can take advantage of the Gaya Island Resort Spa Village for a traditional massage or relaxation treatment.

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    The Gaya Island Resort

    Sabah, Malaysia

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  5. The Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort

    Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort, Malaysia

    The Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort offers a comfortable nature retreat in the heart of the Lower Kinabatangan wildlife-rich wetlands. The is one of the most important wildlife refuges of Malaysia and an internationally recognized wildlife destination.

    The resort offers 4 twin-share rooms at the longhouse for guest’s to enjoy the wildlife on a budget, as well as spacious Deluxe chalets with comfortable beds, private bathrooms with hot water, and freely available WiFi.

    Enjoy the inhouse restaurant for delicious freshly prepared cuisine with fantastic views of the surroundings.

    From comfortable accommodation, enjoy guided tours and boating experiences to explore the surrounding reserves of limestone forests, dry forests, and brackish and freshwater swamps.

    The animals you can find include proboscis monkeys, Sumatran rhinos, pygmy elephants, orangutans, langurs, and colorful hornbills.

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    The Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort

    Sabah, Malaysia

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  6. The Sukau Rainforest Lodge

    Sukau Rainforest Lodge, Malaysia
    The Sukau Rainforest Lodge is an award-winning rainforest lodge on the bank of Borneo’s Kinabatangan River.

    Enjoy tours from the lodge to find fantastic animals and plants as you explore the rainforest with your skilled guide.

    Combining comfort and sustainability, the lodge offers the Superior Rooms and the Rainforest Villas. Both the villas and rooms offer an ensuite with solar-heated shower, comfortable beds, and air conditioning. The villas are then a little more spacious and offer a private balcony.

    In addition to the accommodation, you can relax in the lodge’s social areas, have a massage at the spa, and enjoy the gecko lounge, Attenborough walk, and a drink at the bar.

    With your professional guide, enjoy different tours according to your itinerary. Trek through the rainforest to find orangutans, spot many colorful birds with over 200 species in the region, including the iconic hornbills, and even see turtles laying eggs on the beaches.

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    The Sukau Rainforest Lodge

    Sabah, Malaysia

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  7. The Coral Geographer

    Coral Geographer, Malaysia

    On the Island Traditions To the Edge of Africa cruise, enjoy an incredible 25-night voyage aboard the Coral Geographer from Singapore to the Seychelles.

    The Coral Geographer is a comfortable and modern vessel with skilled guides for in-depth exploration at many points of interest enroute.

    The vessel features all outside-facing cabins in spacious suites and staterooms. Enjoy multiple indoor and outdoor bars and delicious cuisine in the dining rooms prepared by talented kitchen staff.

    On the Island Traditions To the Edge of Africa itinerary, you will begin your cruise in Singapore. From here, visit the capital of the Malaysian state of Malacca known as Kota Melaka. Enjoy a rich cultural history as you tour the region before enjoying a day’s sailing around the scenic coast of Malaysia.

    After Malaysia, you will travel through Indonesia visiting some of the world’s top diving and snorkeling sites, see traditional villages, before journeying to Sumatra to spot elephants and leopards, and to enjoy bustling markets and beautiful beaches.

    Visit the natural beauty of the Maldives, explore wildlife-rich tropical reefs, before reaching the Seychelles. Cruise by fishing villages, and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Vallee de Mai Nature Reserves for incredible wildlife opportunities.

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    The Coral Geographer


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  8. The Japamala Resort

    Japamala Resort, Malaysia

    The Japamala Resort is located in lush tropical forest on Tioman Island, which is found off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

    The resort was built with sustainability in mind with a ‘rustic-luxe’ design to offer guests a comfortable base to explore this remarkable region.

    Each of the chalets, or ‘Sarangs’, offer air-conditioning, comfortable beds, ensuites, and a few select rooms offer plunge pools and spacious wooden decks.

    The resort offers a selection of restaurants to enjoy Thai, Indochinese & Malay cuisine in the Tamarind Tioman, western breakfasts with beautiful views, and an array of Italian dishes in the II Tempio.

    To relax, you can enjoy a massage or spa treatment in the house spa and a cocktail or relaxing drink over the water at the Mandi-Mandi bar.

    Choose from a variety of activities, such as scuba diving in the surrounding wildlife-rich marine park. The resort is affiliated with the Tioman Dive Centre with PADI divemasters.

    You can also enjoy boat excursions to nearby islands, bays and villages. On guided tours, find scenic waterfalls and fantastic snorkelling opportunities. There is also a jungle trek between villages to enjoy through 150-million-year-old rainforest.

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    The Japamala Resort

    Kampung Lanting, Malaysia

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  9. The Minang Cove Resort & Spa

    Minang Cove Resort, Malaysia

    The Minang Cove Resort & Spa offers a fantastic base to explore Tioman Island and the surrounding waters. There are different comfortable chalets and Malay villas offering comfortable accommodation and beautiful views. Each offers private balconies and are nestled between the gardens and rainforest.

    In the middle of the resort, you can find the elegantly styled restaurant where you will enjoy delicious Malay and Western cuisine. You can also enjoy a drink at the resort bar with beautiful views of the South China Sea.

    There is also a nearby golf course a short boat trip away and trails through the island’s rainforest. These take you past the island’s largest waterfall and small fishing villages. You can also take a guide for deeper experiences to the Twin Peaks. From the beautiful beach, enjoy sea kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving.

    The resort offers the Dive Centre where you can hire snorkeling and dive equipment to explore this incredible region.

    Head out on a boat trip to explore the top snorkeling and dive sites accompanied by an experienced Dive Master to visit the coral reefs and see a diversity of wildlife. On diving experiences, you’re likely to spot dolphins, turtles, sharks, rays, barracudas and many others.

    Placeholder Image

    The Minang Cove Resort & Spa

    Tioman Island, Malaysia

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  10. The Star Clipper Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore Cruise

    Star Clipper, Malaysia

    Over 8-nights aboard the Star Clipper cruise, enjoy a traditional four-mast sailing vessel for a truly memorable experience of Southeast Asia.

    When at sea, enjoy freshly prepared cuisine, comfortable accommodation, sun lounges, and the pools on the top deck

    You will start the cruise in Phuket, Thailand, where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and many restaurants, shops, and bars.

    From Phuket, set sail aboard the Star Clipper to explore the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea. These tropical islands are only accessible by sea and offer idyllic scenery with beautiful beaches and impressive marine life.

    There are many other islands we will see on the journey to Malaysia, such as the Butang Group of islands protected by the Ko Tarutao National Park. These are on the edge of Thailand’s border with Malaysia and is a tropical archipelago of 61 different islands. These are way off the tourist route offering you beautiful secluded beaches and coves to explore on your itinerary.

    You will then visit Penang in Malaysia to enjoy the contrasting skyscrapers, shopping opportunities, and ornate Buddhist temples.

    On arrival in Singapore, you will notice the organization of the city with tall skyscrapers, clean yet bustling streets, and the city sights. Explore the local attractions, Orchard Road for famous shopping, and the beautiful Victorian Botanic Garden.

    Placeholder Image

    The Star Clipper

    Phuket, Thailand

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