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Komodo Tours

Komodo Island, home to some of the world’s largest reptiles, offers an incredible visitor destination.

The island is in the Indonesian archipelago between the larger islands of Sumbawa and Flores. And komodo shares its name with the island, the komodo dragons and the UNESCO listed Komodo National Park. The park protects Komodo Island, Padar Island and Rinca Island — all of which are home to komodo dragons.

So let’s get started with the Top 10 Komodo Island Tours,

  1. The Aqua Blu

    The Aqua Blue, Indonesia

    As one of the most luxurious cruises in Indonesia, the Aqua Blu provides fantastic itineraries to explore Komodo Island.

    Departing from Bali and Flores, the 7-night cruise offers an in-depth exploration of the famous Komodo National Park and Moyo Island of eastern Indonesia.

    Your itinerary takes you to some of the key areas of Komodo National Park. And it includes:

    • Day 1 Labuan Bajo
    • Day 2 Gili Lawa Laut
    • Day 3 Horseshoe Bay – Pink Beach
    • Day 4 Linta Strait – Padar
    • Day 5 Gili Banta – West Komodo
    • Day 6 Saleh Bay, Sumbawa
    • Day 7 Moyo Island
    • Day 8 Benoa ( Bali )

    After departing from Bali or Labuan Bajo on Flores Island, you will head to Gili Lawa Laut. Explore the beautiful beaches. And you will snorkel the shallow reefs for colorful fish and sea turtles.

    You will then sail to Rinca Island for your first glimpse of the iconic komodo dragons. You will visit the famous pink beach with its beautifully colored sand. This is another great place to head out on skiffs to see the komodo dragons.

    You will then visit a world famous spot for snorkeling and diving. See many colorful fish, corals and, with luck, the incredible manta rays. After this, see the best Komodo National Park views from Padar Island. And you will then visit Gili Banta in west Komodo. This is another great place for diving and snorkeling. You will also have another opportunity to see the komodo dragons in the wild.

    On the Aqua Blu’s five decks, you can find:

    • Sun deck with outdoor seating
    • Outdoor lounge area
    • Spa & Jacuzzi
    • Library
    • The Sky Lounge Bar
    • Exercise zone

    The Aqua Blu provides a luxurious base to explore Komodo and other Indonesian attractions. Your spacious and elegant suite provides air-conditioning and a large, comfortable bed. You will also enjoy the rain shower with premium organic toiletries in the en-suite bathroom.

  2. The Nyaman Cruise

    The Nyaman Cruise, Indonesia

    The Nyaman Cruise provides a luxury experience of the Komodo Islands combined with other fantastic attractions of Indonesia.

    The Nyaman vessel measures 32-meters in length. And you will enjoy the comfortable suites and social areas. You will be accommodated in one of the 7 comfortable cabins.

    The vessel is a favorite experience for divers because of the incredible diving opportunities available enroute. However, the itineraries are also enjoyed by non-divers as well with the snorkeling opportunities and many other activities offered.

    You can choose from the 5-day or 7-day cruise on the Komodo live-aboard tour for a fantastic experience of Komodo and the Indonesian archipelago.

    Enjoy the comfortable outdoor dining room with beautiful views of the star studded tropical Indonesian sky.

    Tour highlights and activities to enjoy include:

    • Diving or snorkeling Komodo National Park
    • Diving or snorkeling the Lesser Sunda Islands
    • Guided trekking of Pulau Komodo and Rinca Island
    • Observing the incredible Komodo dragons

    Marine life to see on your itinerary includes:

    • Humphead wrasse
    • Giant trevallies
    • Beautiful corals
    • Manta rays
    • Parrotfish
    • Bamboo sharks
    • Marble rays
  3. The Plataran Komodo Private Cruise, Indonesia

    The Plataran Komodo Private Cruise, Indonesia

    Offering you a private tour of Komodo Island and Komodo National Park, the award-winning Plataran Komodo Cruise provides a fantastic Komodo experience.

    The Plataran Komodo Private Cruise takes its roots from the astounding Indonesian maritime heritage. And you will explore secluded beaches, see iconic Komodo dragons, and enjoy incredible diving and snorkeling tours.

    Your cruise begins from Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. And there are a fleet of luxury yachts and phinisi ships available. All of the vessels provide luxury cabins, full kitchen facilities, and a friendly experienced crew.

    They offer air-conditioned cabins, en-suite bathrooms, a dining area, and sun decks for relaxing.

    On your Komodo itinerary, you will meet your guide and park ranger on Rinca Island. And from here you will trek your way through komodo habitat to find the dragons. You can find a diversity animals and beautiful scenery in addition to the spectacular komodo dragons themselves.

  4. The Komodo Resort

    The Komodo Resort, Indonesia

    The award-winning Komodo Resort is nestled in a beautiful area of Komodo. And this provides an incredible base to explore the region. The resort is enjoyed by divers, snorkelers and nature lovers alike.

    The resort is surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful reefs. You can head out from the resort on diving tours, snorkeling expeditions or guided land tours.

    There are 16 Seafront Deluxe Bungalows, 2 Grand View Suites and 2 Grand Beach Suites. All offer very comfortable and spacious accommodation with some impressive Komodo views.

    All of the accommodation options provide air conditioning, your private bathroom, a terrace and garden. Surrounding each unit is then the incredible beauty of Sebayur Island

    There are a variety of tours to enjoy for non-divers and divers alike. To provide examples, these include:

    • Rinca half day (dragon spotting)
    • Rinca full day (dragon spotting & 2 snorkeling sessions)
    • Rinca half day + flying foxes
    • Komodo half day (dragons & pink beach)
    • Komodo full day (dragons & pink beach)
    • Padar half day (View point & pink beach)
  5. The Ombak Putih and Katharina

    The Ombak Putih, Indonesia

    Both of the traditionally designed Ombak Putih and Katharina sailing vessels provide a memorable experience of Komodo.

    The vessels were built in a traditional manner dating back hundreds of years. And this style of ship building is even recognized by UNESCO for its cultural heritage.

    Both of the pinisi ships offer a similar experience. Note that the Ombak Putih is the slightly larger vessel and provides 12 comfortable cabins and all have en-suite bathrooms. And the ship features comfortable social areas and a large salon.

    In comparison, the Katharina can offer a bit more of an intimate experience. As the vessel only has six superior cabins. These are each fitted with en-suite bathrooms. The Katharina then offers an outdoor dining area, bar, saloon, and two sun decks.

    There are different itinerary activities to enjoy. These include:

    • Treks through the jungles
    • Visiting beautiful beaches
    • Snorkeling the reefs filled with colorful fish
    • Kayaking different islands
    • Stand-up-paddle-boarding

    You will enjoy guided tours to find the famous wildlife. And you will also tour the different villages to absorb some local culture.

    Some tour highlights include:

    • Seeing the iconic Komodo dragons of Komodo National Park
    • Watching the orangutans of Borneo
    • Finding giant whale sharks and manta rays
    • Spotting the birds of paradise near New Guinea
    • Visiting the famous and beautiful Spice Islands
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