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Indonesia Tour Packages

Indonesia offers an incredible region to visit. Enjoy tropical rainforest, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and traditional villages. The iconic wildlife to see on guided tours from comfortable lodges and aboard cruises include the orangutans of Sumatra and Borneo, the tarsier of Indonesia’s rainforest, the tropical reefs and birds-of-paradise of Raja Ampat, and the Komodo dragons of Komodo National Park.

So let’s get started with the Top 12 Indonesia Tour Packages.

  1. The Aqua Blue Cruise

    The Aqua Blue, Indonesia

    The Aqua Blue is a luxury-class vessel to explore the pristine east Indonesian archipelago. The vessel is a long-range explorer yacht and perfectly designed for island hopping and visiting Indonesia’s most remarkable destinations.

    Choose from the different itineraries on offer and visit many fantastic areas, including Komodo National Park, the Spice Islands, and Raja Ampat over 7 and 12-night itineraries.

    The luxurious vessel has 5-decks and a total of 15 spacious and very comfortable suites. The Aqua Blue also offers the sun deck with outdoor seating, outdoor lounge area, spa, library, jacuzzi, the Sky Lounge Bar, and the exercise zone. You will then enjoy delicious cuisine in the outdoor and indoor dining rooms

    Each of the 15-suites offers modern and luxurious comfort, air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms with overhead rain showers, and premium organic natural hair and bath amenities

    There is also top-of-the-line, non-motorized watersports equipment, such as snorkeling and diving gear, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards.

    You will then enjoy fantastic guided tours of the islands and coastal areas with knowledgeable local guides to enjoy Indonesian wildlife, beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, and traditional culture.

    Choose itineraries to explore Komodo National Park to see the giant Komodo dragons of Rinca Island, tropical fish near the reefs of Raja Ampat, beautiful waterfalls on land excursions, the famous spice islands, vibrant local markets, whale sharks at Saleh Bay, and the beautiful beaches of Gili Banta.

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    The Aqua Blue Cruise

    Bali, Indonesia

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  2. The Ombak Putih and Katharina

    The Ombak Putih, Indonesia

    Enjoy in-depth sailing adventures to explore the best places of Indonesia aboard the magnificent Ombak Putih or Katharina.

    Both the Katharina and Ombak Putih vessels are wooden pinisi ships built in a traditional manner recognized by UNESCO as part of Indonesian cultural heritage.

    The Katharina has six superior cabins with en-suite bathrooms, a saloon, bar, two sun decks, an outdoor dining area, and is operated by a crew of 12.

    The Ombak Putih is a larger vessel and features 12 comfortable cabins with en-suite bathrooms, a large salon, and different open and covered social areas.

    Both ships are equipped with snorkeling equipment, kayaks, and stand-up-paddle-boards for activities.

    Enjoy fantastic guided experiences, such as treks through the jungles, visiting beautiful beaches, and snorkeling the reefs filled with colorful fish,

    Voyage to the furthest corners of Indonesia to visit traditional villages, enjoy vibrant markets, and to find the famous wildlife.

    Choose from a range of itineraries to see the orangutans of Borneo, the Komodo Dragons of Komodo National Park, tropical fish on the reefs of Raja Ampat, the birds of paradise of New Guinea, the famous Spice Islands, and the giant whale sharks and manta rays.

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    The Ombak Putih

    Bali, Indonesia

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    The Katharina

    Bali, Indonesia

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  3. The Nyaman Cruise

    The Nyaman Cruise, Indonesia

    The Nyaman Cruise provides fantastic tours to Indonesia’s famous UNESCO listed Komodo Island National Park.

    The luxury-class 32-meter-long vessel has 7 comfortable cabins accommodating both divers and non-divers alike. There are two large decks and delicious dinners are served in the dining room on the upper deck while looking at the beautiful night’s sky.

    Choose from 5-days or 7-days on the Komodo liveaboard tour. Enjoy fantastic activities, including diving and snorkeling around the Komodo National Park and the Lesser Sunda Islands.

    Explore the islands themselves of Pulau Komodo and Rinca Island on trekking tours for beautiful beaches and impressive wildlife, including watching the iconic komodo dragons. Swim with sea turtles and the curious dolphins. Enjoy exciting diving and snorkeling opportunities around the islands to see colorful fish, reef sharks, manta rays, and much more.

    There are different open water and advanced dive sites to visit, including the best areas to find reef fish, sea turtles, humphead wrasse, giant trevallies, and beautiful corals. One of the most popular is Manta Point named for the gathering of up to 100 manta rays, as well as parrotfish, marble rays, and bamboo sharks.

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    The Nyaman Cruise

    Bali, Indonesia

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  4. The Papua Paradise Eco Resort

    The Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Indonesia

    The Papua Paradise Eco Resort provides a fantastic experience of Raja Ampat positioned on the uninhabited island of Birie. The island offers lush rainforest vegetation and incredible wildlife opportunities both on the island itself and in surrounding waters.

    Enjoy a fantastic escape from everyday life with the only sounds being the lap of waves on the shore and the bird song of the island.

    The resort includes 26 bungalows perched on the water itself with spacious verandas to enjoy the turquoise waters of the reef. Built in a traditional manner, the resort has friendly staff providing personalized service and offers the only spa in Raja Ampat.

    Here, you can find Gangga Divers making the resort one of the only PADI Diver Resorts in the region. Enjoy the comfort and security of internationally recognized dive instructors.

    Head out from the resort for incredible diving opportunities to find manta rays, sharks, and many colorful fish. Enjoy accessible reef slopes with a diversity of corals, and walk the island to find the iconic birds of paradise.

    Although a favorite destination for divers, the Papua Paradise Eco Resort also offers non-divers a fantastic experience with different trails, snorkeling experiences, and beautiful scenery.

    There are many exciting island tours to enjoy, including exploring nearby islands for the stunning birds of paradise. There are different tours on offer, including the Red Bird of Paradise Trip, the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise Tour, the Hornbill Sunset Cruise, the Batanta Island Waterfall Trip, the Mangrove Bird Cruise, the Arefi Village Tour, and different diving tours to some of the region’s best dive sites.

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    The Papua Paradise Eco Resort

    Birie island, Raja Ampat

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  5. The Lembeh Resort

    The Lembeh Resort, Indonesia

    The Lembeh Resort is a luxury dive resort in a private cove of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious cuisine, many different activities, and guided tours.

    There are different accommodation options, including the Luxury Cottages with ocean views, Garden View Rooms, and Cliffside Villas.

    In the restaurant, you will be served delicious meals with fresh ingredients from local artisanal farmers. Meals include sumptuous breakfasts, lunchtime buffets, and a la carte evening dinners. As you enjoy the cuisine, enjoy beautiful views of the Lembeh Strait. You can then relax with a drink in the evenings at the poolside bar. You can also relax with a massage or relaxation treatment in the resort’s spa.

    On dives, you will be led by marine biologists and photography trained dive guides excited to share their knowledge of the region’s wildlife. There is also a lot to do for non-divers as well as between dives.

    In addition to diving, there are many other activities to enjoy at the Lembeh Resort to explore the region’s wildlife and culture. Visit local markets, trek to different volcanoes, relax on a sunset cruise, head out on kayaking trips, take a local cooking class, and enjoy birdwatching tours.

    Other activities include visiting the wildlife-rich Tangkoko National Park home to the tarsier, which is the world’s smallest primate. You will also find iconic hornbills, black-crested macaques, and many different birds. You can also explore the Minahasan Highlands to experience local culture, visit traditional markets, see beautiful waterfalls, and enjoy stunning views.

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    The Lembeh Resort

    Bitung, Sulawesi

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  6. The Sumatra EcoTravel Junglebook Tour

    The Sumatra EcoTravel Junglebook Tour, Indonesia

    The Sumatra EcoTravel Junglebook Tour offers a fantastic 8-day experience of Sumatra, including tours to see the diverse wildlife, fascinating culture, friendly locals, and beautiful scenery.

    Enjoy an in-depth experience of the island from the beautiful EcoTravel Cottages for a comfortable and rustic base in the jungle. The cottages offer a traditional design with beautiful views of the Bohorok River and Sumatran rainforest.

    Your spacious accommodation offers comfortable beds and private bathrooms with hot showers. The cottages then offer delicious breakfasts and guided tours to explore this incredible region. There are no dining facilities onsite, however, the cottages are in easy walking distance to a variety of local restaurants. You will then be treated to personalized service to keep you comfortable on your stay.

    Over 8-days, the Jungle Book Tour includes a 2-day orangutan trekking and camping experience in the Gunung Leuser National Park, cycling around the villages of Bukit Lawang, white-water rafting in Marike, seeing the elephants of Tangkahan, and visiting the famous bat cave in Bukit Lawang for an incredible sunset spectacle. You can also add a stay at the famous and beautiful Lake Toba. The tour can be customized to your interests to create an incredible Sumatran experience.

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    The Sumatra EcoTravel Junglebook Tour

    Bukit Lawang, Sumatra

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  7. The Kanyon Resort – Bali

    The Kanyon Resort, Indonesia

    The Kanyon Resort offers a luxurious experience of Bali situated by the Petanu River surrounded by lush tropical rainforest.

    The resort offers six Valley Deluxe Rooms with jungle views, twelve Kayon River Suites with views of the river, and five River Edge Private Pool Villas.

    In addition to very comfortable suites, the resort offers an infinity pool with fantastic views of the region, the gardens full of Balinese flowers, many different fruits, herbs and spices, and the Kepitu Restaurant where you will be served delicious cuisine while enjoying stunning jungle views.

    From the resort, you can enjoy many different activities each day, which include complimentary tours to the village and rice field, visiting the organic coffee and spice plantation, Balinese cookery lessons, and a variety of add-on experiences to make the most of your time in Bali. Additional tours can include visiting the active volcano, lake, and different temples.

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    The Kanyon Resort

    Bali, Indonesia

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  8. The Grand Komodo Tour

    The Grand Komodo Tour, Indonesia

    On itineraries of 3 or 4 days, explore Flores and the coast of Komodo Island. See the jungle of Flores, incredible birdlife, and iconic komodo dragons. For the full 6-day experience, you will also travel to the cone-shaped homes of the Manggarai tribe on Flores Island.

    You will first travel into Komodo National Park aboard the comfortable vessel. You will then enjoy a trek to see many different animals and plants, including colorful birds, long tail-macaques, buffalo, and wild pig. The ranger will then accompany us to see the incredible komodo dragons in their natural habitat.

    On the 6-day Komodo Waerebo Tour, after the dragons you will head to Denge village and trek to Wae Rebo, which is the oldest traditional village of the Manggarai. In addition to the cultural experience, the tour offers incredible views and local cuisine.

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    The Grand Komodo Tour

    Bali, Indonesia

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  9. The Wow Borneo Tour

    The Wow Borneo Tour, Indonesia

    Enjoy a fantastic Wow Borneo tour aboard a traditional and comfortable boat, which includes river cruises, land tours, and delicious meals. Explore the wildlife-rich Kalimantan region of Indonesian Borneo with guided tours of the wildlife, environment, and local culture.

    Explore the Sebangau National Park or Tanjung Puting National Park where you can visit the famous Camp Leakey. Have exciting wildlife experiences to watch the iconic orangutans, impressive birdlife, and visit traditional Dayak villages. The orangutan cruises include four renovated traditional klotok boats named the Rahai’i Pangun, Sekonyer, Kumai, and the Spirit of Kalimantan.

    The boats have air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms and can comfortably accommodate 12 people. In the dining room, enjoy delicious Asian fusion meals freshly prepared by talented kitchen staff. You can then relax on the top deck watching the rainforest pass by as we voyage to our next destination.

    In addition to exploring the Island of Borneo, you can combine your tour of the orangutans with Komodo National Park for the famous Komodo dragons on the Indonesian Wildlife Icons Tour.

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    The Wow Borneo Tour

    Sabah, Borneo

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  10. The Coral Adventurer & Geographer Cruises

    The Coral Adventurer, Indonesia

    Both the Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer are modern vessels for exploring the Indonesian archipelago.

    There are different Indonesian itineraries to choose from, such as exploring the East Indies, Spice Islands, and the island of New Guinea in addition to a few islands of Micronesia.

    Experience the incredible scenery, exciting wildlife, and traditional villages. You will visit the fascinating islands, including Misool in Raja Ampat, Alor in the Lesser Sundas, and Buton in Sulawesi.

    Visit the orangutans and colorful birds of Borneo, follow the historic spice routes as you visit the Banda Islands, and see traditional Indonesian villages. You can also explore some of the world’s most famous snorkeling opportunities in Raja Ampat.

    Enjoy fantastic guided tours to explore some of the most fascinating areas of the Indonesian archipelago aboard both the Coral adventurer and Coral Geographer.

    The Coral Adventurer and the new Coral Geographer accommodate 120 passengers in all outside-facing comfortable suites and staterooms. The vessels feature spacious social areas, multiple indoor and outdoor bars, and delicious cuisine in the dining rooms.

    The ships are also equipped with exploration craft and a well-equipped library to learn about the destinations and wildlife.

    Placeholder Image

    The Coral Geographer


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  11. The Plataran Komodo Beach Resort

    The Komodo Beach Resort, Indonesia

    The Plataran Komodo Beach Resort offers a fantastic destination to explore the incredible Komodo National Park. The property is positioned right on the beach in a quiet cove of Waecicu on the beautiful island of Flores.

    The villa was built in a traditional Javanese style to provide comfortable and spacious accommodation. From here, you can relax on the beach or enjoy guided tours to explore the surrounding reefs and the impressive Komodo National Park.

    You have a choice of suites including the Deluxe Beach Villas, Garden Villas, Grand Pool Villa, as well as the two-bedroom duplex villas.

    In addition to your accommodation, the villa offers an open-air restaurant and bar offering Indonesian and Asian cuisine, a refreshing infinity pool, and the inhouse spa for a traditional massage or relaxation treatment.

    Enjoy fantastic package tours from the resort to see the famous Komodo dragons of Rinca and Komodo Island, day trips to the beautiful pink beach, and see the natural sunset spectacle of Bat Island.

    There are many different snorkeling opportunities near the resort, as well as kayaking and volleyball.

    One of the favorite experiences is the Komodo Dragon Adventure, which is a private cruise and trekking adventure to see the world’s largest lizards at their most active time. The professional ranger will guide you on your journey and you will hear the different legends and stories surrounding the lizards.

    You can also choose among many other experiences, including a Flores Island cruise with the resort’s own luxury phinisi vessel, sunset dinner cruises, snorkeling adventures, a guided tour to Cunca Wulang Waterfall, and cultural excursions. If you mention your interests, the resort will outline a package for you to make the most of this incredible region.

    Placeholder Image

    The Plataran Komodo Beach Resort

    Labuan Bajo, Flores

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  12. The Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort

    The Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort, Indonesia

    The Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort is situated on Indonesia’s Gam Island in the central region of the famous Raja Ampat.

    The resort is a favorite destination for both divers and non-divers alike with many activities, diverse wildlife, beautiful scenery, and exciting diving and snorkeling opportunities.

    You can find the resort on the white sands of Pantai Yenanas. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, a hammock area to relax with beautiful views, have a cocktail at the bar, and enjoy delicious cuisine in the restaurant. In addition to guided tours from the resort led by skilled guides, you can also relax with a massage at the in-house spa.

    The activities and tours you can enjoy from the Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort include guided dives to some of the region’s best sites, including Manta Sandy to see the iconic manta rays and the Fam Islands.

    In addition to diving excursions, there are other tours to enjoy, such as a sunset cruise in a beautiful area of Raja Ampat known as the Passage, kayaking around Gam Island, visiting local villages, many areas for snorkeling, and additional tours such as jungle treks and trips to see the famous birds of paradise led by local guides.

    You can explore the island’s forests with your local guide to find many different animals and plants. You can also enjoy specific trails to find the red bird of paradise, the Wilson bird of paradise, and general nature trails.

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    The Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort

    Gam Island, Raja Ampat

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