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Dellfin Amazon Cruise Tour

For our selection of the top Amazon Cruise tours, we will include our recommended expedition cruises. Not only will you travel deep into the Amazon Rainforest aboard your cruise vessel, but you will explore the rainforest on skiff expeditions, forest walks, and even kayaking tours.

All of the cruises offer an incredible experience to spot many different animals and plants led by some of the Amazon’s best guides. The top 4 include cruises in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peru, which is one of the most recommended places to see iconic animals. The list is in order of comfort and the top options to see Amazon Rainforest wildlife.

  1. The Delfin I Cruise

    Delfin I Cruise, Iquitos, Peru

    The Delfin I is the epitome of luxury on the Amazon River. Winning different awards and being featured in Travel+Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, CNN Money, and National Geographic Traveler, the cruise is akin to being aboard to a luxury boutique hotel that floats along the Amazon’s waterways.

    Given this list is for the top Amazon Cruise tours, you won’t simply be confined to the luxurious and tastefully designed vessel. Instead, you will head out with your experienced rainforest guide to find the many amazing animals and plants of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

    The Delfin I departs from Iquitos in northern Peru and over 4 or 5 days takes you on an incredible adventure through the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. This is Peru’s largest national reserve and is home to breathtaking flora and fauna. This section of the Amazon Rainforest is also one of the most species-rich areas and you can spot several different monkeys, many colorful birds, pink river dolphins, and hopefully some rarer forest life.

    Explore away from the vessel led by your Amazon guide on skiff expeditions, forest walks, and even kayaking tours. You will be searching for the many fascinating animals that live in Amazonia and your guide will teach you a little about each animal and plant encountered.

    Delfin Cruise, Iquitos, Peru

    The Delfin I vessel itself is the perfect compliment to the beautiful Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. With only 4 spacious and oversized suites, enjoy utmost exclusivity with two of the suites home to their own private whirlpool. In the Delfin I’s dining room, enjoy elegant design, changing table decorations, and delicious cuisine.

    Much of the cuisine served is influenced from the surrounding rainforest. Enjoy juices, sauces and desserts made with different forest fruits and flavours. These accompany traditional Peruvian dishes and international favorites.

    Your spacious suites are wrapped with floor-to-ceiling windows to let the Amazon Rainforest decorate your accommodation. You can even spot colourful birds flying over the river and rainforest from your kingsize luxurious bed. As an added feature, you can also observe the rainforest from your suite’s comfortable sofa.

    On the top deck, you can then find large luxurious sofas perfectly positioned to observe the Milky Way and surrounding rainforest. You can even enjoy a cocktail, tea, or coffee from the vessel bar to relax as your moved gently through the beautiful reserve.

    Includes: all meals, accommodation, all excursions, alcoholic beverages, juices, house wines, luxury transfers from & to Iquitos airport | 4, 5 days

  2. The Delfin II Cruise

    Delfin II Cruise, Iquitos, Peru

    The Delfin II cruise is the sister ship of the Delfin I above. Accommodating 14 large guest suites, the Delfin II provides the same level of luxury as the above cruise but for a few more people.

    Enjoy luxurious suites with large picture windows to keep you connected to the Amazon Rainforest. You can also choose the 4 Master Suites of the front of the vessel to get the perfect view as you travel deep into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

    Up the stairs, you will enjoy delicious cuisine in the elegant dining room. Enjoy international favourites, traditional Peruvian cuisine, and even desserts, sauces, and juices inspired by the surrounding rainforest.

    Delfin II, Iquitos, Peru

    In addition to the luxury suites and elegant dining room aboard the Delfin II, other areas include a lounge area, a bar, entertainment center, library and observation deck. The observation deck features very comfortable sofas where you can sit enjoying a cocktail, tea, or a coffee while observing the Amazon Rainforest pass by.

    On the Delfín II Amazon cruise tours, enjoy expeditions led by some of the best rainforest guides in Amazonia. Enjoy skiff expeditions, rainforest walking tours, and even kayaking adventures. Your guide will help you spot several different monkeys, such as howler monkeys, capuchins, tamarins, marmosets, and squirrel monkeys. You can also spot pink river dolphins, toucans, macaws, and many other colourful birds. In addition to animals, enjoy beautiful flowers and scenery of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

    Includes: all meals, accommodation, all excursions, select alcoholic beverages, juices, house wines with meals, luxury transfers from & to Iquitos airport | 4, 5 days

  3. The Aria Amazon Cruise

    Aria Luxury Cruise, Peru

    One of the most attractive vessels on the Amazon River, the Aria Amazon Cruise is a luxury cruise for the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

    On tours from the Aria Amazon Cruise, enjoy skiff expeditions with very knowledgeable guides scouting for wildlife of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Enjoy many colourful birds, such as toucans, parrots, macaws, cotingas, tanagers, and trogons. In addition to the hundreds of different bids, see monkeys passing in the rainforest. Enjoy spotting howler monkeys, capuchins, squirrel monkeys, tamarins, marmosets, and howler monkeys. You can also see pink river dolphins, fascinating plants, and beautiful scenery.

    Aboard the Aria Amazon Cruise when back from your tours, enjoy elegant interiors and a very comfortable suite with floor-to-ceiling windows. Enjoy laying on your comfortable bed while observing Amazonia. The Aria includes 16 luxurious suites, dining and relaxation areas, and an outdoor jacuzzi. There are floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the vessel to keep you connected to this incredible environment.

    In the Aria’s dining room, enjoy creations from executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino as you taste some of the Amazonia-inspired cuisine.

    To accommodate families, four of the suites can be interconnected to help get the best family experience of the Amazon Rainforest. All the suites are then delicately styled with natural designs. The suites feature polished timber floors, a California king size bed, and a comfortable window-side day bed. Your ensuite bathroom is then fitted with rain showers and organic bath products.

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    The Aria Amazon

    Iquitos, Peru

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  4. The Delfin III Cruise (Delfin III)

    The Delfin III Cruise, Iquitos, Peru

    The Delfin III, or The Delfin III Cruise, is one of the most affordable luxury cruises on the Amazon River. Enjoy large, spacious suites, a massage room, relaxation areas, the bar, delicious cuisine in the dining room, and the sundeck with plunge pool.

    The Delfin III offers some fantastic Amazon Cruise tours where you leave the main vessel on modern skiffs led by expert guides. Explore the rivers and rainforest around the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peru. This is the largest national reserve in the country and contains tropical flooded rainforest. Your guide will point out different sloths, macaws flying overhead, various monkeys, pink dolphins, and many colorful birds. Of a night, you can even spot the caiman crocodiles at the water’s edge. In addition to skiff tours, enjoy kayaking expeditions and forest walks.

    Choose from four different suite options from the very comfortable regular suites, the Master Suites, or the Owner’s Suite. This is the premium and most spacious suite offered, which is positioned at the front of the vessel on the top deck. Your suite features deluxe beds with fine Peruvian linens, climate control, ensuite bathroom, and daily maid service.

    In the Delfin III spa and massage room, enjoy a variety of relaxation treatments and remedies. Try the Yucamani stone massages, soothing avocado wraps, and invigorating coffee-cacao scrubs.

    After your tours, you will then enjoy the creations from the vessel’s expert culinary team in the elegant dining room. Enjoy dishes influences from Amazon Rainforest and enjoy beautiful scenery as you dine. Meals include roasted meats, lightly grilled fish, fresh vegetables, sun-ripened tropical fruits, and delicious desserts.

    Includes: all meals, accommodation, all excursions, select alcoholic beverages, juices, house wines with meals, luxury transfers from & to Iquitos airport | 4, 5 days

  5. The Tucano Amazon Cruise

    Tucano Cruise, Manaus, Brazil

    From Manaus in Brazil, enjoy the highly rated Tucano Amazon Cruise. The Tucano is an expedition cruise taking you up the Rio Negro and deep into the Brazilian Amazon. Enjoy some fantastic Amazon cruise tours, as like the others on this list, the Tucano is an expedition vessel. This means you will enjoy some fantastic tours away from the main vessel on skiff expeditions to find different rainforest wildlife.

    Led by skilled naturalist guides, enjoy spotting interesting animals and plants of the Rio Negro Amazon Rainforest. The Rio Negro is the Amazon’s largest tributary and the Tucano vessel is designed to get deeper into the rainforest than many other Brazilian cruises. In addition to skiff expedition on cruise tours, you will also explore Amazonia on guided forest walks.

    The Tucano Amazon cruise is designed after a 19th Century steamship with solid wood with raised and varnished panelling, and natural, polished wooden timber flooring throughout. There are 9 cabins on the Tucano, which feature private bathrooms with a shower, toilet and sink.

    There are large windows throughout the vessel so you can keep observing the Amazon Rainforest to spot colorful birds and other animals from the vessel itself. While observing beautiful scenery, plants, and animals, your guides will teach you about the surrounding environment and region.

    Although not a luxury cruises or intending to offer fine dining, the Tucano is comfortable and the food is well prepared and fresh. Enjoy filling meals of fresh fruits, fish and flavors inspired by the Amazon Rainforest.

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