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The largest city in the Amazon Rainforest, Manaus is a bustling port of the Amazon River. It is also a major Brazilian industrial hub with its Free Economic Zone. Many tourists visit Manaus to shop, take guided tours into the surrounding Amazon Rainforest, visit the archaeological sites, see the rubber boom architecture, and cruise the Amazon River.

Anavilhanas Reserve

The Anavilhanas protects flooded forest, sandy soil, shrubland, and includes a large number of river islands of the lower Rio Negro. For bird watchers, 60% of the birds observed in the Central Amazon have been seen in this section of the reserve.

Jau National Park

A World Heritage Site, Jau National Park is the largest national park in the Amazon rainforest and contains iconic Amazon wildlife, such as Jaguar, Tapir, and Harpy Eagles. The protected area includes the entire watershed of the Jaú River.

Manaus Architecture

The rubber boom period from 1879 to 1912 grew Amazon cities, such as Manaus and other rainforest gateways, and is very noticeable when walking their streets. In Manaus, the most well known rubber boom building is the Amazon Theater in central Manaus, which was built as a symbol of prosperity during this time.

Meeting of the Waters

The meeting of the waters is one of the attractions hundreds of tourists come to visit every day. This is where the dark Rio Negro meets with the Solimões River’s lighter brown water to merge into the Amazon River. The attraction is that for 4 miles (6 km) along the river, the light brown and dark brown water run side by side without mixing creating a natural phenomenon. The lack of mixing is caused by different factors of the rivers, such as differences in temperature and current speed.

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