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Bolivia is a tropical country in central South America and is landlocked between Brazil in the north and east, Chile in the south west, Peru in the west, and Argentina and Paraguay towards the south. The Bolivian Amazon has a high diversity of animals and plants including Tapir, Jaguar and many different Monkeys. The country is home to incredible wildlife and is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. This high level of biodiversity is linked to the forests and rainforests as about 50% of the country is forested, and a little over 10% of Bolivia is given some type of official protection. Half of the forest cover in Bolivia is primary forest, which means it hasn’t been cut down in recent history and left to regrow like in many other world areas.

Unlike the northern Amazon, Bolivia is home to several clay licks where you can see Macaws and other Parrots feeding off clay to neutralize toxins in their food. These sites present guests with almost guaranteed wildlife sightings and exceptional photo opportunities.

Rurrenabaque Tours

Located in northern Bolivia, Rurrenabaque is one of the entry points to the incredible Madidi National Park. Rurrenabaque is a rainforest town and provides a base to experience the Bolivian Amazon Rainforest, one of the world’s most biodiverse areas.

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The Chalalan Lodge

The Chalalan Lodge

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, Amazon Rainforest, South America
Price per person from $ 380
Chalalan Lodge is located right next to the beautiful Chalalan Lagoon and was built in the tradition More info
The Serere Lodge

The Serere Lodge

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
Price per person from $ 316
Founded as a non-profit conservation organization, the Serere Lodge sits in its own private reserve More info

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