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A land of contrasts, Australia is home to lush green rainforest teeming with animals and plants, colorful and exciting marine life, impressive protected areas like the Kakadu National Park, a multitude of culturally significant areas, spectacular waterfalls and lively cities. Australia has many parks and reserves including World Heritage Listed Areas of international significance, such as the well known Great Barrier Reef. Pick your favorite destination and Australia is sure to provide a memorable experience.

The Outback

The Australia most of us know, the vast uninhabited rough and ready landscape of the Australian outback is etched into Australia and crosses every one of Australia’s mainland states. To tour these areas with a guide allows you to travel this harsh environment in safety to learn of the region’s history, cultures, geography and wildlife.

The Coast & Islands

Australia is one of the world’s largest countries and is completely surrounded by coastline, which makes for impressive beaches that stretch to the horizon. About half way up the eastern coast of Australia, you will find the world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to its golden sandy beaches, the Australian coastline is dotted with thousands of islands where you are sure to find your idyllic tropical island getaway. Some of the picks are Fraser Island, Magnetic Island and the picturesque Whitsundays.


A nature lover’s paradise, Australia is home to many protected areas containing outstanding diversity. From the giant Cassowaries in the northern Daintree Rainforest near the beautiful little town of Port Douglas to the Australian icons of Platypus along the eastern side, and of course, the Kangaroos Australia-wide. To tour the rainforest of Cape Tribulation is like stepping into a land forgotten and to combine this with trips to the Great Barrier Reef to see colorful fish and sea turtles, and the Outback were kangaroos bound across the red ground is to experience a land like no other. Welcome to Australia.

The Silky Oaks Lodge

The Silky Oaks Lodge

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
Offering a premier luxury lodge in the Daintree Rainforest, Silky Oaks provides a unique experience More info

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