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Cusco | South Peru
Cloud Forest | Lowland Rainforest
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Map of Tours from Cusco - Interactive

Cusco is not only the base to experience the rich and jaw droppingly impressive archaeological sites, such as Machu Picchu, but is also a base to experience Peru’s incredible Amazon Rainforest. The western Amazon, found in Peru, contains the highest diversity of Amazon life in the entire basin and you can explore three different lodges from Cusco to fully experience the largest and most pristine of Peru’s protected areas, Manu National Park.

Cloud Forest

Cusco is situated in the Andes and shares this elevation with some of Peru’s most endangered habitat, the Cloud Forests. Here you will see a plethora of Andean flora and fauna distinct from their lowland cousins. Spot for incredible bird life and see various hummingbirds and toucans, search for capuchin monkeys, and find the most unusual Cloud Forest mammals, the spectacled bears. Enjoy your stay at the Cock of the Rock Lodge, which is located near the display ground of Peru’s national bird, the beautifully coloured Cock of the Rock.

Tours from Cusco

Lowland Manu National Park

You can also combine your tour of the Cloud Forest with the rainforest and travel down the Andes into the Manu lowlands on one of Peru’s most spectacular tours known as the Bio Trip. Here you will enjoy a stay at the Cock of the Rock Lodge and Manu Wildlife Center to see Giant Otters and the Macaw Clay Licks of Manu National Park.

Manu Tented Camp

If you would like to experience all Manu National Park has to offer and see Manu’s beautiful Oxbow Lake while staying inside the park itself, you can combine all three lodges on the Explorer or Tapir and Macaw Clay Lick program.

  • Manu Biotrip photo

    Manu Bio Trip

    Travel from Andes to Amazon on South America’s most spectacular biodiversity trip.

  • Manu Explorer

    Combine Cloud Forest lodge and two Manu Lowland lodges to experience Manu National Park.

  • Manu Explorer

    Combine Cloud Forest lodge and two Manu Lowland lodges to experience Manu National Park.

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