Jacana Delfin Cruise
Iquitos is the largest city in the world unreachable by road and is the gateway to Peru’s northern Amazon Rainforest. From Iquitos, you can enjoy tours into the surrounding rainforest to find Iquitos wildlife, such as different Amazonian monkeys, fascinating and colorful frogs, black caiman, anaconda, and an incredible diversity of birdlife. The best places […]
Orange Back Troupial
The Peruvian Amazon has some great birding destinations from the southern Amazon of Tambopata and Manu, to the northern Amazon of Tamshiyacu and Pacaya Samiria. Enjoy the fantastic lowland Amazon tours, home to one of the world’s highest levels of species, to Peruvian Cloud Forest, home to another of the highest diversities of species worldwide. […]

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