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Machu Picchu from Sanctuary Lodge
Know that Peru offers a variety of things to see and do Although mainly known for Machu Picchu to the outside world, Peru boasts many different attractions and things to do. Cusco was the hub of the Inca Empire that dominated Peru until its fall at the hands of the Spanish in the 1500s. Because […]
Galapagos Islands - Red Mangrove Hotel
The best time to visit the Galapagos Islands really depends on when you have available for this incredible vacation. The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador and found 550 miles (900 km) off the country’s coast. The name Ecuador is the Spanish word for equator and the Galapagos are found well within the world’s tropics. […]
La Selva Lodge, Ecuador's Rainforest
The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical forest. It’s also the largest container of wildlife. This rainforest covers an incredible 40% of South America. Of this vast forest, Ecuador contains the most wildlife-rich region. And Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest has broken world records for species richness. You can reach Ecuador’s Amazon after a short flight from […]
The Red Mangrove Hotel, Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands are a perfect destination to celebrate your wedding. You can enjoy beautiful island beaches, iconic natural features, and incredible wildlife-watching opportunities. You can choose to explore the islands from your comfortable hotel or on guided tours aboard luxury Galapagos cruises. The itineraries include walks with giant tortoises, visiting impressive lava tunnels, snorkeling […]
When To Go To South Africa
South Africa is a fantastic safari destination. Home to all of Africa’s Big 5, enjoy some incredible game drives and walking safaris to experience a beautiful part of the continent. Enjoy exciting safaris in protected areas to spot elephants, lions, rhino, giraffes and more. Choose from many private reserves and national parks, including the famous […]
Peru is a fantastic destination. This is a great country to experience South American culture, history and nature. The main draw for many visitors is the incredible Incan structure of Machu Picchu. But there are many other archaeological sites to find. You can also enjoy interesting cities, cloud forest and one of the largest areas […]
Sealions - Galapagos Islands, South America
The Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s most incredible places. Located a short flight from Ecuador, the Galapagos are filled with incredible wildlife opportunities, beautiful beaches, and fascinating history. There are also some fantastic Galapagos tours, hotels, cruises, and many things to do. Here, we will mention our recommendation for the top 10 Galapagos […]
Peru is a favorite country for many visitors because of the many fantastic tourist sights and things to do. You can visit the world’s largest container of wildlife by enjoying excellent Amazon Rainforest tours and cruises, witness one of the New7Wonders of the World at Machu Picchu, enjoy beautiful historic city centres from the Spanish […]
La Selva Lodge - Ecuador
There are some beautiful places in Ecuador. The country is one of the main tourist destinations in South America and offers a diversity of attractions. Here, we present our recommendations of the top 15 places in Ecuador. These include beautiful places, cities, beaches, rivers, lodges, hotels, and environments. Here is a summary guide and overview […]

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